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Site-Wide and Chat Room Rules

This is a binding governing document describing restrictions on user conduct for the purposes of this service, including our chat, forums, and any other services offered at this domain (OnlineFreeChat.com) or any of its subdomains, present and future.

Severe violations may merit legal action, such as criminal prosecution or pursuit of civil penalties. We maintain access, upload, and chat logs as evidence to be used for legal purposes.

You must be 18 or older to be here.

No one who is not yet 18 years old should be allowed to use any of our services, whether the chat or any other part of our website. Local age laws do not preempt this by specifying a lower age of majority; United States law specifies the minimum age of 18 to interact with adult content hosted within the US. This will be enforced to the best of our ability by removing users who are found to be in violation.

Media may portray only legal subjects.

Media depicting illegal or objectionable content must not be uploaded, linked, shared, or even described through our service. This includes:

User content should respect copyrights.

Users should not share content in any way that is in contravention of copyright. This may include, but is not limited to, artwork, animation or video, music or other audio recordings, writing, etc, where the copyright specifies that the content may not be used except as specified by the copyright holder.

This also applies to media depicting other real, private persons, especially when said media was shared with another user privately, with the expectation that it would not be shared with others. Do not share media depicting other users of our service. This includes logs of private conversations, unless said logs are being shared with moderators when reporting rule violations.

Keep personally identifiable and contact information private.

Sharing of personally identifiable information and contact information may be construed as spam or harassment, depending on context. Neither is welcome. Do not share full, legal names, residential addresses, the name or location of anyone's place of business or employer, the names of anyone's friends and family, etc. Do not share phone numbers, email addresses, links to personal websites, handles or usernames for third-party messaging services or social media, or other similar information.

Note that even if you assert that any of the above information belongs to you, we cannot verify your claims, and may suspect that you are acting in bad faith, whether spamming, or attempting to harass or defame another person.

Do not harass or impersonate other users or staff.

You may not interact with people who do not want to interact with you. You may attempt contact with others, but if they refuse, do not force the matter. Users who do not wish to interact should use the provided block/ignore functions, or change the various privacy settings provided by our chat and forum software. Attempts to circumvent these measures and contact users in contravention of their settings will be considered harassment.

This protection extends to staff, such as moderators, as well. Moderators may make decisions that you do not agree with. You may contact us with the details of any such decisions, but you may not harass moderators about the matter, especially not in public.

Impersonation of other users or staff may be considered harassment as well.

Do not post excessively.

Posting excessively, especially repeated messages, reduces the usability of our chat rooms and forums and is discourteous to other users. Users posting excessively may be engaging in spam or flooding, to be determined by moderators.

Do not interfere with operation of the service.

Attempts using technical means to gain unauthorized access to, control of, or in any way affect the operation of the service constitutes a violation of national and international laws and will be prosecuted accordingly. This includes using the service as a means to access, manipulate, or otherwise attack other users' devices or stored data. Violators may face criminal prosecution or be liable for civil damages.

Posts may only be in the English language.

We provide English language services only. The majority of our users, and all of our staff and volunteers, are capable of communicating in English. Translation of user content is not timely, and accurate translation cannot be technically guaranteed. Because content shared in non-English languages may violate any of our rules, we must be suspicious of any content shared in languages other than English. However, the time and attention required to translate content from potentially thousands of users is prohibitive. Therefore, posting in languages other than English is not allowed.

Do not solicit for any financial arrangements.

Users may not attempt to make any financial arrangements using our service. This includes:

Such arrangements are considered "financial" if there is any kind of currency, whether real or digital, offered or demanded, even optionally. "Currency" includes, for these purposes, all conceivable forms of exchange medium, including, but not limited to: Credit, check, gifts and gift cards, promises, donations, use of transaction services such as Paypal, Cash App, etc.

Final Disclaimer

This service is provided at-will, at no cost to users, and with no obligations assumed, implied, or stated, to continue to provide the service, whether to any specific user or to the general public. As such, these rules governing user conduct are final and non-appealable. Restrictions on user conduct may be increased or lifted at any time, for any reason, and such changes will be reflected here or in our Terms of Use.

Using our service means that you agree with and consent to our rules.