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These are OFC's official server chat rooms. These rooms, moderated by OFC staff and volunteers, deal with pre-determined subjects and are typically the more popular chat rooms we host.

Chat Room Topic Online Users Stats
#SexChat Sex chat. English ONLY. Do NOT post contact info in chat. 208
#RoleplayChat I put on my robe and wizard hat. 43
#AdultChat Social Adult Chat. Sexy talk is also fine here. 37
#LesbianChat Women ONLY. Women seeking women. If you are a guy, you risk being banned by being in here. 34
#VideoChat You can cam here. Or anywhere else. 16
#GayChat Men ONLY. Men seeking men. 9
#PornShare Share your noodz! 8
#TriviaChat Type !trivia for questions! 4

Access to the list of chat rooms above is 100% free and does not require sign up or any disclosure of personal information outside of your date of birth and gender. Cam chat is available at individual users discretion. By default the video chat feature is disabled and must be enabled, privacy is also enabled meaning nobody can view your webcam without your authorization, the ability to open your cam to the public is available should you wish to use it. Our free chat rooms will work on every device and browser allowing you to chat from your desktop, laptop, tablet or when you're on the go on your smart phone.

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Below are the chat rooms created and operated by OFC users. Content and moderating in these rooms is at the room owners' discretion. Feel free to Create Your Own Chat Room and, if you can attract enough users, you could even see it listed here.

Chat Room Topic Online Users
##Marigold Jiggy & Mari Wedding TONIGHT!!! 8pm est / 5pm Pacfic Everyone invited! 25
##Happy-Tomato Welcome to Happy-Tomato's room 15
##peanuts Welcome to peanuts's room 5
##G|f36_domme Welcome to G|F36_Domme's room 5's User Chat Rooms are all about freedom of choice. You want a chat room that's there to help you decide what to make for dinner? How about one for trading recipes? Somebody somewhere has probably made a chat room that functions like an online book club. Somebody somewhere else might make rooms where you can talk about TV, movies, and music. You could even find a chat room for a play-by-play discussion about the next Super Bowl or Stanley Cup. And if you can't find one already made, there's nothing to stop you from making one yourself!

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