Chat Rooms

These are OFC's official server chat rooms. These rooms, moderated by OFC staff and volunteers, deal with pre-determined subjects and are typically the more popular chat rooms we host.

Chat Room Topic Online Users Stats
#SexChat Sex chat. English ONLY. DO NOT POST CONTACT INFO. Quick! To the Twat Cave! 234
#RoleplayChat I put on my robe and wizard hat. 42
#AdultChat Social Adult Chat. Sexy talk is also fine here. 36
#LesbianChat Women ONLY. Women seeking women. 20
#VideoChat You can cam here. Or anywhere else. 19
#GayChat Men ONLY. Men seeking men. 15
#TriviaChat Type !trivia for questions! 7

Below are the chat rooms created and operated by OFC users. Content and moderating in these rooms is at the room owners' discretion. Feel free to Create Your Own Chat Room and, if you can attract enough users, you could even see it listed here.

Chat Room Topic Online Users
##G|Elizeh Welcome to G|Elizeh's room 6

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