's Safety Guidelines

chat room safety has chat rooms for all sorts of interests. We've got rooms for sex chat that anyone can use, for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to congregate in, and rooms for adults to chat about any kind of topics, whether sexual or not. These are all free chats, with no registration required (though it does confer some benefits and is also free). But how do you make sure your free online chat experience is also a safe one?

Observe Our Policies

Observing our chat policies can go a long way toward preventing some common types of abuse and keeping your free online chat safe and fun. Especially:

Account Security

Whether you're here to use our free forums, or just chat in our chat rooms without registration, there are some steps that you can take to protect your account or username.

Personal Information

In a free online chat environment like this one, which takes all kinds, you can never be too careful when protecting your identity. You should try to remain as anonymous as possible, and give generalized, obfuscated information about yourself whenever asked.

Dealing With Other Users

This free chat wouldn't be worth much without other users, so that means you have to learn to deal with those users. Dealing with people online is different than dealing with them in real life. You have less recourse if something goes wrong, so you have to be careful.

Things to Watch Out For

What You Can Do

Following these guidelines, we hope you will enjoy your time chatting with us. Is there anything we haven't covered, or any question that you have specifically about safety on Contact us and ask!