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Free Chat For All's Safety Guidelines

chat room safety has chat rooms for all sorts of interests. We've got rooms for sex chat that anyone can use, for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to congregate in, and rooms for adults to chat about any kind of topics, whether sexual or not. These are all free chats, with no registration required (though it does confer some benefits and is also free). But how do you make sure your free online chat experience is also a safe one?

Observe Our Policies

Observing our chat policies can go a long way toward preventing some common types of abuse and keeping your free online chat safe and fun. Especially:

  • If you are a minor (under 18), leave. There is nothing here for you except to be preyed upon. Do not trust adults in places like this.
  • If you encounter a minor, do not talk to them. Any interaction could be misconstrued on a network such as this as a solicitation for sex, and we will not protect you from the legal consequences of that. If we think this is what you are trying to do, we may file a report with the appropriate authorities ourselves.
  • Don't share personally identifiable information in public rooms, such as your phone number, your Facebook, Skype, or other usernames or handles.

Account Security

Whether you're here to use our free forums, or just chat in our chat rooms without registration, there are some steps that you can take to protect your account or username.

  • If you want to protect your username, to prevent others from impersonating you, register it!
  • Don't use short or weak passwords. Increase the length of your password. Try using a complete phrase, but make sure it's an uncommon one that no one would be able to guess, with varied capitalization. Cap it off with a number, special character, or both.

Personal Information

In a free online chat environment like this one, which takes all kinds, you can never be too careful when protecting your identity. You should try to remain as anonymous as possible, and give generalized, obfuscated information about yourself whenever asked.

  • It all starts with your username, the first thing about you that people will encounter. A common practice for some banks and educational institutions is to use the first initial, followed by the last name, followed by the year one was born. Because this is so normalized, people do this in other contexts. This is the WORST type of username you could possibly have in an Internet chat room, though! Don't include anything relating to your real name, age, or date of birth in your username.
  • Don't share your real name with other chatters. If you get to know someone very well, and confirm somehow that they are real and they are who they say they are, you might consider sharing such information, but even then, don't share it in the public chat rooms.
  • Avoid sharing your phone number, especially in public chat rooms. It may seem like it's a harmless thing, because you can change your phone number, but you may be listed in a free directory somewhere by your full name, maybe even your address, and it all could be found by searching the phone number you give out.
  • Obfuscate! Don't say you're from France, but that you are in Europe. You're not in Kansas, but the US midwest. Keep things vague.

Dealing With Other Users

This free chat wouldn't be worth much without other users, so that means you have to learn to deal with those users. Dealing with people online is different than dealing with them in real life. You have less recourse if something goes wrong, so you have to be careful.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Don't automatically believe things people say. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. For instance, is someone claiming that they are with the police, the FBI, or your bank? Don't believe them. These are common trolling tactics and schemes.
  • Some users might be legitimately selling something, while others just want to get your money and deliver nothing. This applies mostly to cam girls that you may encounter in chat rooms. Some of them are real. Some of them are sending you someone else's pictures that could easily be found on the Internet for free through Google image search. One cause for suspicion is if they want you to go register or input your credit card number, supposedly for "age verification" purposes, on their "private site." Fake cam girls have a pretty standardized vocabulary -- in fact, a lot of them are copy-and-pasting text from guides specifically designed to teach people to scam users like you out of their money. Use this predictability to help you spot them.
  • Never trust "free" when it comes to links to other websites. In fact, very seldom should you trust links to outside websites at all. If you know the website, you may opt to trust the link, but many links may be used to distribute malware, harvest your personal information, track your browsing habits, or scam you in some way.

What You Can Do

  • In our official chat rooms, feel free to report issues to moderators. Make sure to be detailed in your reporting. Any insufficiently informative report will usually just be overlooked.
  • Use the "block" function! Click any username, in the user list or in the flow of the chat itself, and you will be presented with a context menu. One of the options inside it is "block." This will prevent you from seeing anything that the blocked user types. You won't receive their private messages, either. Problems just roll off your shoulders when you effectively use the "block" function.
  • Configure your private message and whisper settings. Go to Menu, Options, Private Messages. You can disallow messages from certain genders, or from unregistered users, or from anyone who is not on your friends list.

Following these guidelines, we hope you will enjoy your time chatting with us. Is there anything we haven't covered, or any question that you have specifically about safety on Contact us and ask!