First of all, I should note in this time of unprecedented gender-bending that I am interested only in natural-born, self-identified women who have not changed genders, do not intend to change genders, and do not self-identify or intend to self-identify as anything other than women. This means no men, nobody transgendered, nobody who intends to become transgendered, and nobody who self-identifies or role-plays as any gender other than that which they were observed as at birth. You have the freedom and the right to change genders or self-identify however you please, just as I have the freedom and the right to not be interested in any of it except for exactly what I described in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Now that I've made that clear, I should also make clear that I'm more focused on the shape of a woman's legs and ass than the size. For the most part, I'm not into spindly or "thick" women, and I'm not at all into ripped women. I'm also not necessarily into long legs. I suppose if I have to describe the best kind of legs and ass, I'd say that they're toned to some degree, but still have softness and curve. Other turn-ons for me have to do a lot with what she wears. I've always believed that a little black dress is the sexiest piece of clothing a woman can wear. I also enjoy the "professional" look on a woman, or office attire, so to speak. Modern-looking eyeglasses are a bonus. The black shirt/blue jeans/black shoes look is sexy too, even if simple. Basically, I like women who at least look classy, even if I can make them behave in ways that aren't so classy.

As far as age, I prefer women who were born before my 18th birthday on the younger end, and women who are closer to my age than my parents' age on the older end. Being 43 right now, that means no younger than 25, and no older than 55. Somehow, I've always attracted women who are older than me more easily than I've attracted women who are younger than me. Personality-wise, I've always had a soft spot for "girly girls" and "good girls" under 35, and professional women over 35. In both cases, it's all about keeping secrets. I love when a "good girl" or a professional woman wants to behave badly or unprofessionally with me, because I can earn their trust by keeping everything secret. What they do in my private company stays in my private company, and nobody else in their lives has to know, especially since I have a relatively conservative reputation to uphold myself. None of my friends or family even know the half of what I've done behind closed doors with women. Be that as it may, I'm not talking about extreme kinks or fetishes like BDSM, scat, rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, or anything else like that. Those are turn-offs.

Sexual desires aside, I like to believe that I have a well-rounded personality, and not just a one-track mind. Whenever I have time for fun, I like to drive and travel, listen to music (c. 1964-2012), exercise, track the weather, surf the internet and spend time with friends, among other things. Occasionally, I'm up for laser tag, bowling or mini-golf as well. I gotta stay young somehow. Career-wise, I keep it very private, but I do have one, plus a second job on the side that I do intermittently, and neither involve any illegal or shady activity. In fact, I might have a management opportunity in 2023, depending on how business goes this year. I also want to buy a professional-grade camera soon, and hopefully get into photography as a side hustle.

So anyway, ladies, say "hi" if you're intrigued.
Oct 31, 1978 (Age: 44)
United States



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