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    What are your thoughts on her?

    She is very cute!
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    Celebrity crush

    ^ I don't know why it tripled up on pictures?
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    Celebrity crush

    Mine would be Jessica Alba! She is classically beautiful, respectful, classy, a successful business owner and such a yummy mummy!
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    21 Questions

    My mum or this woman I have a crush on. She is amazing and has three bebes of her own. It would change their worlds forever! They're so incredible. If you could write one movie, what would it be about?
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    What’s on your mind ?

    You're not wrong. It helps relieve the stresses of the previous work day!
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    Happy Mothers day appreciation!

    Happy Mothers Day to all yummy mummy's out there! I hope you all have a lovely day! On behalf of the rest of the world, thank you for being amazing! Xo
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    Try ice cubes. Tease your nipples first, then your belly button until comfortable. Then slowly drag it along your skin down a few inches and feel your body tense up to the cold. I can go on but that would just be a tease ahaha
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    Hello! x)

    Fair call, but they don't always have to talk so explicitly and rudely all the time. Anyway, always good to find more good ones to chat to when you don't feel like staring at the ceiling ahahaha
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    Hello! x)

    I see you've already met the class that you thought you would encounter ahahaha Unfortunately, reading and understanding aren't common luxuries around here.
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    Keep 1 delete 1

    Forbidden Fantasies
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    Hidden Lust
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    Hidden slope
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    Slippery Play
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    Ouch. This one hits hard.

    Ouch. This one hits hard.