boy toy

  1. M

    Any of you ladies in Salem Oregon in need of a dick driving this guy knows where you can get one

    I'm in Salem looking for a lay. I'm not in a relationship and I don't think I should be.
  2. firefly

    A simpol kinky boi

    Hi all! I'm a switch (mostly submissive) and bisexual boy, 21 yo! I love mouthy (but respectful!) people so feel free to pm me! (Do NOT send me dick/pussy pic if you want an answer, thanks!)
  3. B

    Her friend

    She told me an old friend was coming over. "He's looking for something new," she said. "Do you think he'll like my pussy," I said. "If you suck his cock he'll eat your cunt." I showered and dressed in a fresh blouse, panties and robe. I dabbed some Coco on my wrists and loins. When I came out he...