fantasy and thoughts

  1. JeremyJO

    I Fantasize about getting this filled

  2. C

    Your last fantasy

    What's your favourite fantasy just before you fall asleep?
  3. rpbabe

    Character Based RP!

    Looking for someone that would like some character based RP. Supernaturals welcome! Vampire/Werewolf/Ghost/Changeling, Etc. Grammar a must, details can be worked on. Give me a shout. <3 xoxoxo
  4. W

    Any slim closet crossdresser UK Cornwall.

    Meet up for crossdressing and a few drinks here at home. Come and dress up with me and share thoughts and fantasies. Even straight closet crossdressers have fantasies too. Contact me with a message if near or in Cornwall UK. Prefer full panties not thongs.