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  1. Ahaank_cool

    Ahaank_cool New Member OFC Regular

    Hi @Stanthropical

    I recently reported a person in female category who was spreading some girls photographs along with her social account and number..
    Even this time he shared her family photos..

    I reported it to some female mod with name wolf...

    Instead of reporting the person..

    She banned me of spreading family contact..

    Are they actually know the seriousness of the crime that person is committing

    The girl is harassed...
    I talked to that girl..

    I don't know where this site is going..

    I have reported that person in too..
    And there also the mods are losers in life..

    Idk who made them mod and on what eligibility..

    They really need education..

    The account was @SluttyNikita

    It was a female account.

    You are the administrator..

    I hope you understand the seriousness of this matter.
  2. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Sandrock's HoneyBee ❤️ Staff Member OFC Regular

    1) This is not fcn. So, you might want to do this there. Oh the irony of your comments of people being stupid.
    2) This is not where you appeal bans.
    3) Calling mods stupid and losers in life isn't going to help your cause.
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  3. Ahaank_cool

    Ahaank_cool New Member OFC Regular

    I think you cannot read it .. I'm not particularly talking about fcn...
    This happen yesterday..
    The same person also did the crime on this site too..

    Why would i post such thing on this site if the event doesn't occurred here..

    I'm calling stupid and loser because some of them are.
    I don't care about my ban,
    Instead of going through the messages that I sent them and read them and understand.
    the person I sent the report, lol banned me.

    So if they don't have the capability of analysing and thinking.. Why are they even mod...

    Just think about that..

    And this time i do have proof.
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  4. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Sandrock's HoneyBee ❤️ Staff Member OFC Regular

    I can read just fine. This should be on FCN and not here. You did speak directly about FCN and a so called mod there.
    Like I said, insulting mods isn't going to get you anywhere.
    The bigger question is, if this is happening to a girl on the site, if she is being harassed and her contact and personal info given out, then why isn't she stepping up and contacting an admin? Why are you doing it? This should be on her to do, not a 3rd party.
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  5. Ahaank_cool

    Ahaank_cool New Member OFC Regular

    Because she doesn't know about this site..

    And this happened on this site only..

    And i have already given the proof to the girl.
    Because of that stupid stunt the person did.
    The girl had to change/block unknown messages to her contacts...

    Say it anyways.. But this site is same as fcn.
    And the incident happened here too.

    So best of luck of your future.

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