At the start of My year "alone"

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Shilpa42, Mar 12, 2021.

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  1. Shilpa42

    Shilpa42 Active Member OFC Regular

    I have been gone from this site almost an year and it has been an intersting one. For a part girl and self proclaimed whore like me the pademic hit me hard as the parties and trips were canecelled. My daughter moved away 2 years ago i was alone and stuck in my house with the quarantine no new hookups in site.
    It was really hard at first but i started talking to my neighbours and slowly started to work it with them ;-). As we were all stck in our homes it was a intersting time. I managed to get hold of 5 guys in my neighbourhood for my sexual needs. What happend next was kinda wierd but expected.... i guess most people in lockdown are bored so i ended up with 4 to 5 guys coming in my home in a kimda rotating door everyday. I was just able to do my work before atleast one the guys came in(pun intetended lol). I had more sex per day for the first 6 months than ever in my life.

    Yep....thats all i had to say. Do u guys want me to share more? I just came back to this dite so i may not be regular but lets see.
  2. Funtymfranky69

    Funtymfranky69 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Please share some more beautiful xx
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  4. Shilpa42

    Shilpa42 Active Member OFC Regular

    Tks for reading this
  5. Woody1861

    Woody1861 Guest

    I need to hear more from you. ;)
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  6. Woody1861

    Woody1861 Guest

    downloadfile.jpg downloadfile.jpg downloadfile.jpg
  7. Woody1861

    Woody1861 Guest

    Im hard already. :p
  8. Woody1861

    Woody1861 Guest

    You have some pics to share ? I love to see some you are GORGEOUS .....
  9. Ray57

    Ray57 New Member OFC Regular

    Would love to know how you got through lock downs. Pandemic put a crimp in plenty of people’s sex lives.
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  10. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Welcome back, hope that you can get back to how you were before you left, you were sorely missed, pandemic has hit everyone hard, so happy that you never went without, of course we would like, sorry..LOVE to hear more of your adventures, that's what good neighbours are there for, as you have found out ;)
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  11. Shilpa42

    Shilpa42 Active Member OFC Regular

    Haha...tks for that. I dont if i will be regulsring here i will try to
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  12. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Go on, you know that you want to, at least until you can get out and back to your partying, you can squeeze us in between the neighbours,
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  13. Ahaank_cool

    Ahaank_cool New Member OFC Regular

    I wish i live in your neighbourhood..
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  14. Luvitsmooth

    Luvitsmooth Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Welcome back Shilpa, been way too long. I'm glad you've been able to get plenty of sex during covid. Here in Oz things are very difficult, casual fun is at an all time low. Thank god for the internet.
    I miss having you in rp chat making me feel hopelessly ournumbered by a group of seriously intelligent women. Bliss!
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  15. Shilpa42

    Shilpa42 Active Member OFC Regular

    Haha....i bet there are women you can chat with on site
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  16. Ahaank_cool

    Ahaank_cool New Member OFC Regular

    More of them are actually guys lol
  17. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Wonderful to hear ! :)
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