Women shouldn't breastfeed in public (except with a blanket)


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I know this isn't the most brought up subject, but do women really need to breast feed in public? The strong majority of the time they can just go home and breast feed there. And even on the rare occasion when they are far from home, and just can't go home to breast feed, they should really be using a blanket. I know that you'll try to tell me that the baby will get too hot, and they'll squirm, but this really isn't an issue as long as you're in a well vented building. Is there any real need for women to breastfeed without a blanket?
I thought the same thing before my wife had kids. Even with the blanket I was always like “really”? Is there no other place u can feed that thing? Kids take a lot out of u. And when they are really small their stomach is tiny too and you can’t haggle with a baby. And sometimes if u don’t feed them when they are hungry then when they pass out for a nap soon it will be harder to get them up since they now have less energy to get up and eat and it can be a domino affect. My wife wasn’t producing enough milk at first and our kid was always pissed and our doctor was an idiot. We were tracking feedings, baby pisses and shits. Piss and shit weren’t adding up to the amount of feeding which meant he was starving and we didn’t know why. Supplemented some formula and he started shitting. Give moms a break. U may not like it but I guarantee u that they would rather be in a nice air conditioned spa too but life ain’t easy