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Staying entertained while social distancing


Staying entertained while social distancing.

Just a few months ago if someone were to tell you that movie theaters, gyms, restaurants and even public parks would be closed, you would of thought they were insane. Well here we are, in a situation that's testing us all medically, economically and psychologically. If you're somehow not going insane with these intense social distancing measures most of us are being advised to take, then you must be making the most out of the internet, specifically internet chat rooms! If you're one of the few that's still doing life as usual and not under taking these measures, then go home you asshole! You're endangering others!

But don't worry, being stuck at home doesn't mean you can't be social, there's actually many ways to meet complete strangers while being bored at home that doesn't involve constantly swiping on your phone meeting local douche bags. Chat Rooms have been around for a long time and offer a way to communicate to others in a more anonymous environment. It's easy to find like minded people by joining categorized chat rooms that suit your individual interests.

During this crisis many people are trying free chat rooms for the first time and realizing the value:

  • Talk to strangers safely from the comfort of your home (or prison depending on how you look at it).
  • It offers anonymity of which in this day and age, privacy is key.
  • Connects you to other like minded people
  • It's 100% and completely free!

When Instagram and Facebook is getting unbearable, seeing the same old memes, and the whining from family and friends, it's time to log out and join the chat rooms to talk to some strangers. Whether you just want to vent, get something off your chest you aren't comfortable telling someone you know, or just want to say or do something out of the ordinary because you're feeling crazy, here and now is the time to do it!

Stay safe, stay distant, but stay social, chat online!