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How to Get Users Into Your Personal Custom Chat Room

Read more to see how you can get more users into your personal custom chat room.

So you now have your very own chat room! (Or do you? If not, try this! But how do you get users into it?

One of our best, most unique features at OnlineFreeChat.com is that our users have the ability to create personal, custom chat rooms. Our users can invite friends, moderate the chat, set the chat rooms' topics and rules -- be the boss! Because our personal custom chat rooms are free, and anyone can have one, there are many personalized chat rooms available to join at any time. This can mean that the list of chat rooms can be overwhelming, and getting users into your chat room, instead of someone else's, might present a challenge. Here are 6 tips on how to get users into your chat room.

Social Media

When you create a chat room, we provide you with a link that, when visited, drops you and your users directly into your chat room. The most effective way of getting users in your chat room is by posting this link on social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. Posting in other chat rooms and on forums is also a very effective way of driving users into your chat room.

Your Personal Website

It's incredibly easy to create a quality website in this day and age, so there's a better chance than ever that you might already have one. Simply create a menu on your website using the chat link that you are given when you create your room, or just put it anywhere on your page so the users can find their way into your chat room.

Offer Something Unique

Remember: Rooms are free, so many others users also have chat rooms. It's possible for users already on the chat server to find their way into your room, but only if it stands out. Have a unique and original topic in order to make a good first impression and entice new users to have a look at your channel.

Girls, Girls, Girls

In the immortal words of Mötley Cröe: "Girls, girls, girls." All over the Internet, women make the world keep turning. If you can get women into your room, especially sharing pictures and using their webcams and microphones, the population of your room will grow. Of course, there are some unique considerations when trying to draw the fairer sex to you, but we've written some things that might help you get women.

Be a Pleasant Host

Create a friendly and welcoming environment for your userbase. When people join, welcome them. Get them up to speed on the topic currently being discussed so that they can contribute their own thoughts; make them feel that their opinions are welcomed. Make your users feel valued, because they are valued. You don't have to do it all by yourself, either. If you can get your friends to be the welcoming committee, you will find that people will stay in your chat room a lot longer.


As we have said, one of OnlineFreeChat.com's great, unique features is our personal custom user chat room service, which allows you to be a chat room owner. This comes with some special powers for you as the owner. You have the ability to kick, ban, or mute other users, of course, but even more useful than that, you can make your friends into chat room moderators. Everyone loves to feel important, so you can use this ability to turn visitors who prove themselves worthy into permanent fixtures in your personal chat room. You could even set up arrangements with other room owners, making them moderators in your room, and you in theirs, in exchange for both of you committing to a permanent presence in each others' rooms.