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Sex Chat Success in Five Steps

Read our five steps to successful sex chat to up your online game.

Not everyone is immediately skilled at sex chat. It can seem overwhelming, especially because we don't all have the kind of vocabulary and confidence to score immediate successes, but don't worry. We've seen all of the good and bad approaches in adult chat rooms to date, and we're sure that with these five Sex Chat Success tips, everyone stands a better chance than they would otherwise.

Comfortable Chatters are Sexy Chatters

First thing, get comfortable. One of the main attractions to online Sex Chatting is the alluring appeal to the chatters that are safely in their own environments. Comfortable people are more likely to open up about their sexiest fantasies and desires. Comfort can be contagious as well! If everyone is comfortable, everyone has more fun.

Exaggerate Your Sex Appeal

Second, always embellish. You may be sitting on the couch in sweats eating Chinese food, but as far as your desired partners are concerned, you're all cleaned up, dressed in the sexiest things you own (or even things you don't own), dripping head to toe and oozing sex appeal. You don't necessarily want to lie, as that's a sure way to be caught, but exaggerations should be based on what you're capable of. Be yourself, but at your best.

Approach Sex Chat Enthusiastically

Third, be enthusiastic! "A little enthusiasm goes a long way." All chatters want to enjoy and feel as if you're enjoying the fun sexiness of the chat, and are immersed into their fantasies as much as they are too. However, if the chat is failing to pique your interests try to hold on and ride it out until the appropriate "better late than never" topic change.

Don't Panic!

Fourth, Don't Freak! "She wants me to do what?!?!" or "He is doing what with that??" Not everything he/she types into the text bar will be something you're totally up for and with that being said we advise the "laugh it off" and try to react normally. Try using emojis and just go with the flow so nothing turns awkward and no one feels judged. But, if you are completely uncomfortable with the conversation, just say so and end it or change topics to a lighter subject and something you enjoy.

Take the Lead

Fifth, and finally don't be afraid to take the lead. If you are shy or a timid submissive and don't want to be demanding and carry the weight of being the leader of the conversation just throw some strong hints into the Sex Chat. Want to share a fantasy of your own? Spill it guys! Everyone likes adventurous surprise that leaves them wanting more. "They want to know what you like, because they get turned on even more when you're turned on." Sex Chat is all about you and your fantasies. Enjoy it with your partner(s) and by the way its totally harmless fun.