1. BadNia24

    Definite Public Kink

    Lol I’ve been having the best sex fantasy lately: I’m back in my college dorm, which has a window maybe ten feet overlooking the campus grounds, and everyone can see me being pounded in my ass. It’s gotten so visual, I sometimes can feel my breath clogging the window and my nipples being...
  2. C

    Your last fantasy

    What's your favourite fantasy just before you fall asleep?
  3. R

    Hello :)

    Just wanted to introduce myself :) im rose and im bi this is my first time being here so pm me ladies only Im into flowers and talking to peeps about anything Im also into spirituality magic and crystals I like to hear about dreams and any freaky stuff that happens to u (like ghosts etc.) Im...
  4. PhotographerGuy

    Things To Fantasize About

    I'm going to try this. LET'S TRY TO KEEP IT CLEAN. What do you dream about? If the means were available, what would you like to own? Where do you want to visit? What would your dream house be like and where? What are the gluttonous foods you want to eat or restaurants would you go? Or...