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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Debbiediddallas, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Answer the previous question and ask a new one. Let's go.......

    What's your favorite sexual position?
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  2. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    Which do you like better, legs or boobs?
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  3. Dominantor

    Dominantor Member

    Favorite way to get jizzed on?
  4. On the booty

    When did you last send a naked pic?
  5. Dominantor

    Dominantor Member

    31/07/2018 so Thursday
    What's the most amount of people you've had sex with at one time?
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  6. Fuckray

    Fuckray Well-Known Member

    Just one

    What's the most you wish you could have at any one time?
  7. Just 2

    Have you ever had a one night stand?
  8. Fuckray

    Fuckray Well-Known Member


    Have you ever had a quickie with a complete and total stranger?
  9. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    No, I am not really into that kind of stuff.

    Have you worn a erodic outfit.(lingerie, latex, kinky leather, etc, etc.) To a inappropriate place like work or the store, under something else or not.
  10. Oh yes absolutely. And sent pics to the man I was wearing them for. Nothing sexier than him knowing I am wearing them specifically for him.

    Have you ever been flirted with someone of the same sex?
  11. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    No never
    Have you?
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  12. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Yes I have.

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
  13. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    I do I just believe its rare if ever for it to go both ways.

    What is the most adventurers sexual activity you would do with a lover.

    Forgot to put my question.
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  14. I guess actually having sex with a partner is pretty damn adventurous.

    Would you do something you really didnt want to do just to please your partner in the bedroom?
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  15. Fuckray

    Fuckray Well-Known Member


    Whats the most dangerous thing you've done involving sex?
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  16. Irene_Adler

    Irene_Adler Well-Known Member

    Did some things while driving.

    Same question.
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  17. Fuckray

    Fuckray Well-Known Member

    Extremely violent choking, never going to do that again

    Sex in public?
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  18. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Well yes, quite a few times

    Why did you join OFC?
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  19. Because the old site that alot of us were on detoured us here after their chat was shut down.

    When did you last have sex? With a partner lol
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  20. Throatfuck

    Throatfuck Well-Known Member

    Last Saturday

    Ever cheated on a partner?

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