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Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by Tommy79, May 6, 2020.

  1. Tommy79

    Tommy79 Well-Known Member

    Sooooooo.........what's the situation with this? It seems excessive!! It's killing me waiting that long between posts, can it be changed or does it reduce the time limit as you post more?

    Anyone else getting frustrated with it or just me?? lol
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  2. Solaris

    Solaris Well-Known Member

    Agree,i can understand why it would be used in chat to discourage spamming but it ruins the flow of forum posts,by the time you post a reply one or more have posted so you have to delete yours
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  3. Tommy79

    Tommy79 Well-Known Member

    Exactly!! I get the spam thing but surely 30 seconds would be enough to discourage that? I think if they lowered the time cap then the forums would gain more traffic as there is nothing worse than being desperate to reply to a post only to have to sit waiting! Its not 90 seconds either - its 120!!!

    So if i'm here for an hour I could post 30 times at present (which isn't a lot on the word game threads), whereas if it was 30 seconds I could bash 120 posts out!

    It seems daft to me and is spoiling a lot of fun! I'm assuming a lot of people here drop in and out for a few minutes at a time, so if you can only get a few posts on you'd soon loose interest!

    We should take this to management!! If there's any punishment to be handed out, like bans or things for raising this, we'll just tell them it was @lexi8 that started it!! :p:D
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  4. Tommy79

    Tommy79 Well-Known Member

    What they could do is set it so that new members are restricted to 120 seconds but once you become an "active member" or whatever then it reduces to 60, once you're "well known" then its 30 - it'd give people another reason to keep posting!!
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  5. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    Ummm @Tommy79 I’m sure you can figure out what the punishment is all on your own.

    i agree though. 60 secs would be great even.
    But I have a feeling it won’t happen. But I know a few people who would post more of the timing was less.
  6. Tommy79

    Tommy79 Well-Known Member

    Lol, punishment is my middle name! ;)

    Does anyone here "know a guy who knows a guy?", we should start a petition - I'll go buy a clipboard so we look professional! :D:D:D
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  7. BabyShady

    BabyShady Well-Known Member

    This 2 minute rule needs to go...I am not going to keep editing or deleting my posts.
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  8. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Sandrock's HoneyBee Staff Member

    There was a time when we didn't have to wait between posting. Sadly, people, actually bots and sellers, ruined that. They would post in all the threads and make their own. There were no forum mods at the time and the forum was over run. So, forum mods were added and the timing on posting was added.
    Those were dark times. :(
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  9. BabyShady

    BabyShady Well-Known Member

    That's understandable.
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  10. Tommy79

    Tommy79 Well-Known Member

    Hi ViXxXen,

    Thanks for explaining, its a shame it got that way here, a few places I've been previous have had similar issues unfortunately!

    Is there any way of looking to reduce it at all? Say to maybe 30 seconds, this seems to be the norm on other forums I've used over the years and it doesn't disrupt the flow of posting - I truly think that you would see an upturn in postings if you reduced it and still manage to keep the bots etc away from here. Plus with mods in operation you guys could nip anything in the bud if there was an attempt made?

    Just a suggestion, I can just see the two minute thing grating after a while, that's all.

    Thanks for explaining though, cheers.
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  11. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    thank you for the info.

    What about a 1min time delay. Would that not still block most bots?
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  12. BabyShady

    BabyShady Well-Known Member

    I've been wanting to say the same thing to make it at least 1 minute/60 seconds in between posts. I would be really okay with this...
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  13. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    I’d be here more. And people will stay here more I think. If the delay was less
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