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    I admit I'm in my mid 70's and I love this site. I enjoy gorgeous women their fabulous pussies, lovely tits and asses. I am blessed I can still fuck and lick them. I also like men not for their bodies or looks but for their cocks, large, small, thick or not. All cocks are magnificent and some tempt me to suck them.
    My only problem with this site is that because of my age I received numerous pms calling me a pervert because of my comments. I ask you please don't call me a pervert I am only commenting on what I see and like l stalk no one. Does age make me a pervert?
  2. ViXxXeN

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    I am so sorry you are having to deal with that. There is an older lady in there that deals with a lot of shit for her age, too. She is in her 60's. She is one of the sweetest ladies. No, age doesn't make you a pervert. You are human just like the rest of us with needs and wants.
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  3. Charles608

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    Thank you your comment much appreciated
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  4. Jerseyjen

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    Well said Vix. It’s great you have a healthy sex drive Charles. I’ve never seen you even be disrespectful to others, let alone act like a pervert. You do you and ignore the haters. Use block when you can, it really does help. I hope you continue to enjoy the site.
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  5. Charles608

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    Thank you Jen
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    Hey Charles, both Vix and Jen summed up my thoughts exactly. Both are spot on, you are not a pervert, we are all consenting adults and of age on this site. Also, being a pervert (whatever that actually means) has nothing to do with age. When I read your thread, I actually had a smile, the young forget, they will be our age one day, if they are fortunate. They should be so lucky to be in their mid 70's like you, and have a healthy sex drive.

    Some people, and it is the very few minority on here, for whatever reason feel they need to insult and hurt other people, in an attempt to make themselves feel better. As long as you are dealing with people in a respectful way, don't let the few bring you down xxx
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    U go gramps and don't mind the haters
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