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    Not writing this for you, but for my own understanding. I just wanna free myself from a world that thrives on my insecurities and makes money because I think I am unhappy, that I'm not fucking a bombshell, that I don't have a fuck worthy body, that I'm not rich enough, that I only exist to contribute to millions of follows supposedly perfect people on social media have.

    I wanna find happiness, except that I shouldn't need to. Happiness is a choice, that choosing requires a perspective. Between two constants of birth and death, at where everyone is equal - Helpless, Naked and Free of all worldly thoughts, lies a potential of infinite possible ways you can live your life.

    You're being sold an illusion - by your parents, your gods, your gurus, your teachers, your entertainers, your favourite sportsmen, your policymakers and statesmen - that you have to make your life worth something, that you gotta achieve that shitload of money, and a pretty wide ass or a mammoth Greek body.

    You are giving control to all external things that aren't in your control. You're submitting to things that aren't selfless. You're judged, have faults and shortcomings pointed out of. You're serving your body, your penis or vagina, your tongue and your mind afraid of living and dying alone.

    Today's world is quite material and focused on self-idolizing. You only get respected if you earn and fuck a lot. And that motivation, to earn and to fuck more, seems so legit, because that's presented as a game, as a challenge - Only the fittest and the best can earn and fuck the most. You're running a race you don't necessarily need to run. The obsession with happiness fucks us all at times.

    Try accepting the fact that you are not special, that you aren't entitled to perpetual bouts of happiness, that you may be alone forever, with your kinks and fantasies always at an arm's distance but never close enough, that you may have to bear inconveniences you never had a part in. Try being at peace despite all the unrest. Try not to "try" being happy, but just be so.

    You don't have to abandon every desire, kinks, fetishes and taste of happiness and pleasure. That too is an overkill. Enjoyment has to be derived from life, but the way you derive it, can be improved upon. You have no control over what life offered you, but you have a choice when it comes to making something useful out of those offers.

    But I know I'll still miss the mark and work around my optimism to find a way to be unhappy by hook or by crook.

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