All this is new to me I can't stop thinking about being with a woman

Discussion in 'Lesbian Chat' started by Sandrahickey37, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Sandrahickey37

    Sandrahickey37 New Member

    I have never being with a woman but it's my biggest fantasy help I need so talk
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  2. FallenWinterStar

    FallenWinterStar Active Member

    I know exactly how you feel!
    I'm here if needed. :)
  3. Sandrahickey37

    Sandrahickey37 New Member

    Thank u I taught I was on my own it's very hard just to be ur honest self thank u again for writing back x
  4. Pleeperrii186

    Pleeperrii186 New Member

  5. Pleeperrii186

    Pleeperrii186 New Member

    I know how you feel.

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