Anyone else bored as fuck?


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There doesn't seem to be much going on here. Either that or newcomers (especially guys) are ignored like in so many other and people think they outgrow cliques once high school is done...
Hierarchy will always exist in one form or another, I suppose...
"Ah, I see," said the blind man to his naked wife...what's going on in your world today?
Spring is here today, it's 75, but in the Midwest US, winter always seems to sneak back in. It'll be cold by Sunday night. Brrrrrr
Thankfully, no. SE Michigan. Not too many tornados here, but I grew up in Illinois, so I understand bad storms. We're expected a little snow at night next week.
I'm a Southern guy...anything below 40 degrees is what I call "bullshit" lol...that is absolutely mind-boggling to me..
The only time I ventured out of the Deep South is when I lived in Vermont and New Hampshire for a few years...never again lol
Yeah, Vermont and New Hampshire are a whole other layer of cold and snow. It's milder than that here, but still winter weather. High of 40 coming our way. Enjoy your warm weather, and I hope the storms aren't too bad. Gotta run for the night.
It's always tough breaking in to a new environment. I think people in general gravitate towards what they know, towards comfort. Getting to know someone new comes with a lot of risks, and some people just don't want to take those risks. But it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Even if it's tough sometimes, anyone can make friends and form connections. Sometimes, it just takes a while.