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  1. DumbAlex19

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    Hello there. My username is DumbAlex19 and today I got freaking banned because of some stupid rp of "another" user which I had no control over.
    So, I was in #roleplaychat and Josy was chasing to kill me (Normal friendly one). As I was running away she summoned/released her pets from her realm behind me and they chased and attacked me. One of them tore me apart and rest were doing some other stuff. Basically I died and she used her gem to bring me back to life. This got flagged for Bestiality and got me banned.
    Like seriously?? I wasn't even doing anything. She was controlling and commanding those pets of her. I couldn't have done anything because I didn't had control over anything. -_-
    Does this means that if any person summons a pet and attacks any mod then the mod should be banned for Bestiality??
    This is outrageous. Please try to understand the situation and kindly unban my account as soon as possible. Also, please fix this broken system.
  2. ViXxXeN

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    You have control to walk away from a roleplay like that. That is the control you have. Bestiality is against the rules here. The "other stuff" the animals were doing were sexual things to you and you know it, as you even roleplayed a few things in response to what was going on. Staying involved in a roleplay like that is on you.
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  3. DumbAlex19

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    You should go back and check the logs ffs. I never even kicked any of her creatures. Also, the other things you mentioned, only one of them was sexual and it doesn't stays anywhere near to point because one of those creatures ripped me off in half as he attacked. You also said I roleplayed "few" things ?? I am literally stating that I only rped once in that act and that too was to "STOP" it. You can quote me on that. I wasn't even paying attention to it and ignoring the rp because I was texting with LeighL in the same room, you can ask her or check logs.
  4. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Moderator Staff Member

    I don't have to go back and check anything. I read over the chat 3 times before I did the bans. Like I said, you have the option to walk away from an rp like that and the option to report stuff like that. You did neither. Instead you kept responding to it. Have a good day.
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  5. Jerseyjen

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    Evading your ban does not help. Next time, give admin here a chance to review your ban
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