Blackmailed by Husbands Boss

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by MyStripShow, Mar 10, 2019.

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  1. MyStripShow

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    I made HUGE mistake at my husband´s Chrismas Party. I had too much to drink and as the night wore on I got separated from my husband and ended up dancing with Charles. He can be a little over-powering at times and next thing you know we ended up alone n the cloakroom. He can be so dominant and pushed me down and I don´t know what came over me but I starting sucking his cock. I really did a number and he came in my mouth which i never let my husband do. I felt terrible the next day and justwanted to forget it. Until Charles sent me a photo of me sucking his cock! I was so drunk I didn´t know he was taking a video. Now he´s making me do dirty things. I have to make a chat room and post pictures of me to six guys. If I don´t, he´ll show my pictures to everyone. So, if you want to join, let me knowand I´ll send you the link. The show is soon
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    Did i miss it? Im sure i didbut i figred
  3. Al_UK

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    Or you could always threaten to report him to the police, you should never allow yourself to be blackmailed or extorted.
  4. aquaman8563

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