Boat names, curious on suggestions

I've recently bought a small boat to take my time up in retirement but need to name her before she's launched (has had sea trials so in the eater) so any suggestions, probably will not be used but gotta be worth the laugh.
If you are going to use the craft in the sea have you thought about...FlashingFoam.
Remember to rename the craft out of the water and there is a ritual you have to go to check on line.
I have 3 Cabin Cruisers...2 on the Norfolk Broads...Daja-Vu a 44ft Broom Craft...and ShadyLady a 36ft Princess Craft...the 3rd is on the Fermanagh Waterways in Northern Ireland and she's...BlackPearl a 38ft Bourne Craft.
Some of the names that have been put forward, like......Jenny, Jenny, Matilda, etc are fine if you are naming a craft on the Union Canals, but I don't think they are befitting a sea vessel.
The Titanic is even less befitting seeing its in the land of beyond beyond.
I personally do not like small sea craft because to me the sea belongs to Ships and Sharks of which I keep well away from.