Cheated on husband

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Nastynate, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Nastynate

    Nastynate New Member

    I had an affair with our lawn service guy and got pregnant by him
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  2. suzieq4u

    suzieq4u New Member

    I had an an affair with my sons best friend and then his best friend ...omg what a ride that was. I still think back and it still makes me wet. Let’s pm about it sometime!
  3. Eliza4oldies

    Eliza4oldies New Member

    cheated on my ex with his better hung and kinkier dad and atleast a dozen different men including his boss, while we were together. My ex is history but his dad is still one of my cockmates.
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  4. Goodwood68

    Goodwood68 New Member

    Hmu tell me all about it
  5. Rosareign

    Rosareign New Member

    Fuck that sounds amazing
  6. TimPussyLover

    TimPussyLover New Member

    Can you tell me about it? Is sounds very Hot! <3

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