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    I have a confession to make, but then again that's why I'm posting here. I fucked my husband's brother the entire 5 years we were together. I remember the first time was the day after the wedding I was naked from the night before and barely awake. I was groggy and felt who I thought was my husband sneak up behind me. He put his cock inside my pussy grabbed my breasts and started fucking me slowly.

    Then he started to pick up the pace faster and faster till he came in my pussy I seen him leave before I passed out. Three hours later my husband woke me up with a double double coffee and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Sorry I've been gone all morning I went to get you food and pick up a few things. That's when I knew it was not my husband fucking me but his brother. Then it happened again three months later the day after my husband was on a business trip to Argentina.

    My brother in law was in the kitchen doing the dishes as I was getting out of the shower, I walked into the kitchen in a bath robe. I stood there with my arms crossed, I got his attention by clearing my throat he turns around and looks at me with a smile hay what's up, I know it was you that night and not my husband, look it's not what seems like, shut up and get down on ur knees. As he is dropping to his knees i lift one leg put it over his shoulder and push his mouth into my horny cunt. When i was done squirting all over his face i walked over to the counter and bent over spread my legs come fuck me. He walks over to me pulling down his jogging pants he takes his rock hard cock and rams it deep in my pussy and he was not gentle about it.

    He grabs my braid pulls my hair and fucks me harder then I've ever been fucked before it wasn't long before he filled my womb with his cum. My pussy was raw from the fucking and my head was killing me from the braid. Tats when I realized I loved getting fucked hard and fast. That was also the start of my infidelity with my husband's brother. We were fucking for five years before my husband walked in on us fucking on the couch. At that point I didn't care anymore our marriage was failing and we weren't trying anymore, this is a true story.
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    Sexy I'd love to be instead of your brother in law and fuck you deep hard and rough
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    Mmm that does sound good
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    Now that you are divorced, are you still fucking the brother in law? Seems a passionate sexual connection such as that should not be wasted!
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    Yes we fuck quite a bit sometimes in a public place just the thrill makes us so horny, us at his work late at night

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    Mmmm that's sounds hot as fuck I got s similar story but it was my stepmother and I was 17 but a week away from my 18th, had always fantasized about fucking here, mmmm hit me up if you want to hear the rest? Would love to let you k kw how its went

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