Dem/ Media Complex Inventing “Far-Right Extremism” Bogeyman To Criminalize Dissent

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    The Democrats canceled business in the House on March 4 because of a falsely-predicted attack on Capitol Hill. But the highly-touted Q-Anon-inspired “insurrection” was, as The Washington Post reported, “a mirage” [At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage, by Katie Mettler et al., March 4, 2021]. Nevertheless, this crazy conspiracy theory pushed by the Regime Media had a purpose: to further smear all Trump supporters as a “white nationalist” militia who might attack “our democracy” at any time. That, in turn, informs the meme that Democrat/ media complex been pushing for months, not least through federal law enforcement agencies; i.e., right-wing (white) extremists are the No. 1 threat to the country, and so the state must have the power to crush them. Curbs on basic liberties such as gun rights and free speech—the latter already enforced on social media—in the works, as are police-state tactics to code and trace the activities of rank-and-file Trump supporters. Some GOP/GAP lawmakers are getting alarmed, but not enough.

    Thus, also last week, Time Magazine breathlessly dished out the Regime’s black propaganda: Domestic white terrorists are “one of the greatest domestic threats since the Civil War,” writers Vera Bergengruen and W.J. Hennigan fretted. And Biden, they sighed in relief, is the first president to “refocus the network of U.S. security agencies to help combat domestic extremism.”
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