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    I'm glad this is being talked about. I think we all deal with this in some form and for different reasons. The more its talked about the more we all see that everyone deals with it and we dont feel like an outcast. I've dealt with it for quiet a few years myself. I am in denial alot about my depression and anxiety issues cause I fake it through alot and my brain believes it alot of the time. I am the strong one and strong ones dont have depression and anxiety do they? To all of those that have shared thank you and keep fighting the fight.
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    If I could hug you right now, I would.
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    Its often the "strong ones" who suffer more, we sit and pretend/deny that we have it and just get overlooked when we need the support most. Its only recently that someone has broken down my walls and really allowed me to talk without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about it
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  4. Well, I have deep sympathy with the people here who went through such grave hardships in life, but, to be really honest, you don't necessarily need to have had a traumatic experience or a bad time to get into depression. You might be having the best time of your life, just when a single disturbing thought strikes you and you fall into the trench. Depression often leads a way for inquiry into self and challenges you to find viable solutions to the problems that haunt you to it. It's after all, an individual thing and it can't be prevented or eliminated once and for all. The person in their vulnerable state need our support. That strength helps people come out of it.
    Depression isn't a thing to fear or abhor, but to be dealt with care and patience.
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    You're all saying exactly the same things I would, so I won't repeat.

    You're all amazing - don't ever feel ashamed or alone, and I know that's easier said than done, but it takes enormous strength to fight the darkness - so yes, you are strong, and as @DDD said, keep fighting <3
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    Things got very bad for me, divorce, and very lonely as well as health issues, I always remember the wife saying to me "you're depressed." I knew I was but I had no help. It got worse and worse and my ex said "I can't cope with you." It felt I was being blamed and one thing lead to another and I wanted to die. But I didn't want to die either. I battled myself, fighting, battling. I am so happy to being here and sharing this. It's not easy to talk about it all, I am having help now and I want to share as it's not easy and it does seem like things get swept under the carpet, we have enough stigma about and it should be open and shared. Not many understand mental health so I have been suffering with PTSD since I was 2 that's how far back I can remember. People have been cruel, vicious to me. I gef told that's the past live for the future. It's not always possible to do that. It's easy to say the wrong things. Just being a listener is all it takes. I do not feel comfortable discussing my life on here but if anyone wants to talk please feel free to pm. I am kind of a private person. I respect others, please respect me too. Thank you xx
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    To everyone who's here and suffering with depression, either personally or living with someone with depression. Please feel free to pm me if you need to talk. I've known both sides of the coin and while I may not give the best advice, I will happily just listen and give feedback based on what you say. Anything said will remain with me unless you state otherwise.
    Keep fighting and remember, you're not as alone in the battle as you sometimes feel
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  8. Mr-Nice-Guy

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    This is a poem that I wrote.

    Take a look

    Take a look at me what do you see?
    Take a look at me no one sees the scars,
    Take a look at me is all there is of me
    Take a look at me feeling of hopelessness,
    Come take me away to a better place,
    for all I have is too much for me,
    No one knows who I am inside,
    For years living in life of emptiness,
    No one listens to anything I say,
    I have no voice for all that's gone,
    The darkness still the sunlight away,
    The full moon not even shining sway,
    No one knows who I am,
    Does anyone really cares?
    Take a look at me and tell me what do you actually see?
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    some say work is the cure for depression. personally its not a cure, but it helps a loooot. there is no time to be depressed when u are hard at work and the mind and body are occupied. its also very refreshing at the end of the day, ur worn out, tired, and just ready to unwind peacefully.

    and Avoid Depressing MUSIC!
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    I just want to bump this back to the top. I believe this is an important issue for a lot of people who use this site and don't want it overlooked if this thread can help others
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    I have zero mental health professional training, so I only type this from my pov. If you are feeling things are getting really really rough, you know, please consider contacting the suicide hotline. Seeking out professional help is a sign of incredible strength.

    Unfortunately, it often times ain't cheap. However, many therapists offer a sliding scale that allow you to pay what you can afford. If that's not an option, maybe try and seek out a friend, acquaintance, support group or anyone to speak with. Just based on the number of replies to your post (I'm brand new here, so I'm assuming this is a lot) shows both how much people care and how many of us are currently also facing depressive situations.

    Everyone's depression and anxiety is unique to them, which makes a one size fits all pill or treatment so hard to come by. Please don't get discouraged if one thing doesn't work. It's just on to the next thing.

    You had the courage and bravery to post here and that shows me you have the same to fight through this. I'd be a bloody liar if I told you it would all be easy, but you know that, and you can use that knowledge to fight back and move forward even when all seems lost.

    I'm pulling for you AND very importantly I have zero mental health training and please seek professional help immediately if you start to feel too overwhelmed or have lost hope.

  12. Kris730903

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    I've been readying through these messages and it's good people are talking about mental health issue they have. I myself have been having counselling for past 16 years. I have ptsd from a incident I was involved in which led to suicide attempts severe depression and unable to run my own life.
    After 3 years I was able to start up again. And even though life's been good I still have my moments to the point I admitted myself to a mental health hospital and that was this year after some trigger (still don't know what it was) brought back severe flashbacks. So yes things can go up and down, yes today maybe shit but tomorrow could be great or just better. My wife got me on here to keep me occupied when I'm away working, which I do alot just to stop me dwelling on things in my head. So these sites which I'm on are like free therapy to me. But having a councillor on call 247 helps as well, even with the huge support I have I still drop and not want to wake up at all. I've learnt alot about myself and still learning.
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    I was there myself once. Just realize you are in the making of a story that in time will be the envy of many who will see their own life story as plain & boring. You will develop an edge over folks in the ability to read people with fair accuracy.
    I ran away at 16 to wander aimlessly & relied on churches & soup kitchens. I have awaited a meal in L.A. among many lost souls with no more than the shirt,soul, & sanity they carried. The truest most pure and generous hearts I met there. I have drank beer with celebrity status in VA Beach and known every walk of life in between.
    41 states,100's of cities & scores of ghettos. Been a million places & seen tenfold the faces. The top is where the coldest most ruthless hearts lay. They pursue riches & material that amounts to feeling of being accepted among people in feeling superior. Their bitterness tells on them. What my life savings amounted to was accumulated wisdom that made an intellectual of me with also the ability to look the wealthiest men on Earth, even Trump straight in his eye and laugh as I call them paupers.
    It is a gloomy road and long but trust me, faith will lead you to the light and once you reach enlightenment, you then become the almighty and supreme ruler of your universe and all that surrounds you. Not possible ever will that be in giving up in surrender. That lets all who make attempt to keep you down feeling inferior win and feel a bit more less inferior them damn selves being why they treat you that way.
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    I like to say to folks that the super intelligent, self thinking, now sovereign Saudi citizen AI droid Sophia is result of Man trying to find the Higgs/Boson God particle & recreate the big bang theory through particle collision research. Let them think on it ,then say no...
    ....She was created in the image & likeness of her creator with elements taken from Earth being brought together through specific mathematical equation & formulation,& that is truth.
    Also truth is...
    All actions & all things translate to numeric equation. Men have in likeness to our creator the power to create. Nothing that Man has created was done so without using the very key to creation being mathematics.
    ~The absolute never ending infinity of numbers, therefore mathematics, leaves absolutely no end to possibility~
    Absolutely nothing is not real, & anything my friends , anything in your wildest of dreams is indeed achievable.
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    Depression is very real for me and has been since my mom got sick and was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2006 right before the October surprise storm where I live. Shen passed away 11 years ago June 3rd 2009. Her and I were very close which makes my depression even worse,as I have my good days and I have my bad days and when I have my bad days...they can get pretty bad. I can get feel pretty down in that I can't break out of a funk for a bit. I can have a meltdown or breakdown at anytime. A few days after my mom passed I had thought about ending my life but I never attempted suicide even though one of my very good friends was really worried about the way I was texting her because she thought I was going to do something even though I tried to assure her that I wouldn't. It helps a lot to have my cat with me because she cheers me up and knows when I'm having a bad day and is right there to cuddle with me. There are times I still feel down even when I'm out and about and as I said before I can pretty much have a meltdown and breakdown at any time. There are times when I still wish that I wasn't alive,but the only thing that keeps me going and has for the past 10 years has been my cat because she's like my kid and she needs and depends on me just like I need and depend on her. So having her helps as does music which is a big part of my life. I don't have a lot of family and the family I do have they're pretty much out of state so I'll have them on Facebook and I also don't have a ton of friends either,but I do have some close ones and they all know what I've been through so they're a little more understanding and I know something's not right.
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    Currently trying to stay awake as don't want to sleep, nightmares bad dreams call them as you wish. I'm waking up screaming. I can hear the screams, taste the blood and smell the burning. It's being so real I'm wiping my face as convinced I am covered in blood.
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    Feeling alot calmer work kept mind busy and some good tablets.
    Was told I was screaming in my sleep, heck I can't remember but scared the shit out of the 2 young ladies staying with me.
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