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    ok I’ve been with my wife 16 years, and I love her to bits. When we got together we could get quite adventurous, experimenting to find what we liked and didn’t.

    Kids came and while the frequency of our fun slowed when it happened it was just as wild.

    Then we were involved in a car accident and sustained some sorrows injuries, and it was months before we could even contemplate sex. Due to injuries it was very vanilla as we physically couldn’t get into the positions we had loved.

    Unfortunately the vanilla stayed as we heeled, and never reignited the spark.

    As I say I love my fife, and while with her have never fucked anyone but her, but I’m a man and have needs.

    I thought to try sites like this to fulfill some of those needs, and have shared pics, stories,fantasies, roleplay and generally had a good time.

    But here’s where the magic happened. Talking about fantasies and chatting filth has reaffirmed that fire. We have gone from a quick service every now and then to expressing ourself and relearning our new limits and trying even more new things, and it’s been every night, and never once.

    So me secretly getting off on strangers has reignited my marriage so a huge THANK YOU
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    Was not expecting such a wholesome post.
    I'm happy for you man
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    So glad that everything has worked out for you both, living proof that the beautiful ppl here helped you on the long road.........
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    I’m happy too, so is the wife, she’s been happy more times in the last 2 weeks than the past 4 years
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    Mainly because you have had a lot of catching up to do ?
    Long may it continue, you have BOTH deserved it, have MY admiration at least :)
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    Appreciate that, just keep it up, do you hear?
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