Do women enjoy swallowing cum?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Bassue, May 9, 2018.

  1. Bassue

    Bassue Active Member

    Is there any woman out there that loves sucking dick and swallowing cum?
  2. AndreWhore

    AndreWhore New Member

    i love to swallow all the milk, hot and sticky down in my throat
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  3. ASEX

    ASEX Member

    en mi penis like thes
  4. Youngguy

    Youngguy Member

    It feels good to know that
  5. JuicyJen21

    JuicyJen21 Guest

    [QUssue, post: 38720, member: 15674"]Is there any woman out there that loves sucking dick and swallowing cum?[/QUOTE]

    I absolutely LOVE cum
    I try to swallow as much as possible if I'm with a guy.
    Most girls like it they're just embarassed IMG_20180517_184424.JPG
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  6. Cammy15

    Cammy15 Well-Known Member

    Think Juicy Jen is Bang on
    Asked many women about this and they all said they love to swallow.
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  7. Centre_Cerys

    Centre_Cerys Member

    I always swallow. Someone once told me it's good protein and low calorie.
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  8. Cammy15

    Cammy15 Well-Known Member

    I think you women like the juice as much as most of us men like to get in with the tongue at your juicy departments.
    But do you like that as much as the swallow?
  9. Juicy_vixen

    Juicy_vixen New Member

    I love to swallow cum especially if he’s deepthroating the fuck outta me while he’s jizzing it feels so gud sliding down the back of my throat
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  10. BustyAliya

    BustyAliya Well-Known Member


    The love of cum <3
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  11. Missybi31

    Missybi31 Guest

    I love it, especially while watching his face as he cums,
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  12. I love to hold it in my mouth and let them see me moving it around before letting them see me swallow it.....guys love to see your mouth full of their juice.
  13. BustyAliya

    BustyAliya Well-Known Member

    Well described my dear
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  14. When your man takes care of himself and tastes good, it's the best part.
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  15. Bigbuttlolo

    Bigbuttlolo Guest

    I love it. I'll suck harder as the guy is cumming so i can make sure to get it all.
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  16. MakeItFit

    MakeItFit New Member

    Yes Lauren u do love sucking the cum out don’t u ;)
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  17. Bigbuttlolo

    Bigbuttlolo Guest

    Mmmmmm i do sir
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