Ego The Beast Within Our Minds Part 2

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    Against the Grain:

    Although both the Gnostic texts and the great don Juan seem to agree that Ego represents an actual entity responsible for separating humanity from knowing it's proper role as a GodSelf singularity, I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with their analysis.

    I agree ego prevents humans from knowing their true identity. However, I beg to differ when we attempt to establish Ego as a physical entity existing separate from the GodSelf. There are a few reasons to explain my conviction.

    Firstly; most importantly, the crux of my own philosophy balances on the theory all manifest reality is a singularity. Therefore, nothing whatsoever can exist separate from unity consciousness. Although the Gnostic definition of the Archon presence as a function of Sophia's divine plan tends to agree with this theory, Matus, it would appear suggests otherwise.

    Secondly; it stands to reason that if a Gnostic teacher, or in this case, don Juan Matus, wishes to identify a certain facet of consciousness, then this aspect must be separated for identification. Matus, like many sorcerers and philosophers, expose the mechanics of our persona as a way to define, for the benefit of all, how Ego manifests control. Logic would suggest, the most effective way to qualify Ego would be to expose it as existing separate from the greater whole. If this be the case, possibly Matus and my own theories, although appearing separate, are in accord.

    Thirdly; our reality expresses itself as a duality. Therefore, inherent in consciousness, we must be a able to discover an opposing force to GodSelf realisation. Ego, I believe, is that force. In my humble opinion, Ego is a natural, and essential, part of consciousness. Ego represents an integral aspect of human evolution. Therefore, it must be considered a unified partner in the reality experience. Similes and metaphors are often needed to assist in constructing a complete picture of esoteric reality. I believe don Juan and the Gnostics used Fliers and Archons as a viable concrete path toward expressing Ego in terms spiritual initiates could reflect upon, defend against, then gain knowledge from.

    Be it separate from the self, or part of the greater whole, we can all agree on one truth, Ego dominates our expression of reality, Ego manifests fear, hope, desire, lust, it promulgates greed, envy and dovetails with spirit in the, most beautiful, dance of consciousness. Ego truly represents all of the base emotions we experience daily, yet, it's presence is understandable, necessary to drive the vehicle of choice.

    Ego in Our World:

    However we align with his views, don Juan Matus has succinctly and eloquently defined the role of Ego. Simply stated, we are God, a singular, eternal, expression of love. However, the role of Ego is to trick us into believing ourselves to be fleshy mortals. Cohabiting in the material world, fighting for survival, while racing against an inevitable expiry date. In light of the chaos we experience, who could deny consciousness is caught in the web of Ego's illusion. Don Juan was a phenomenal sorcerer, just from one small excerpt of his teachings we can glean a wealth of knowledge about Ego. Let us take a closer look at what he has to say.

    "I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior."

    How do we account for the contradiction of man's intelligence, juxtaposed, to collective behaviour of mankind? We know the nature of the atom, over 100 years past scientists, using the double slit experiment, exposed the truth of our reality. Einstein clearly stated "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one". Knowing the material world is illusory should have completely changed our way of life, it should have created a flood of scientific truth all pointing directly at the GodSelf and unity consciousness.

    What happened?

    Over millennia, countless philosophers, sorcerers, and spiritual practitioners, have illuminated a clear path for all of us to follow. Do we heed their wisdom? No, we instead choose to fumble along in darkness, absolutely refusing to open our eyes. We consider ourselves an intelligent race. Yet, we somehow deem it proper to accept over one billion of our brethren will starve to death, and over 3 billion will subsist on less than three dollars per day. We are the only species which acts as a cancer upon the planet. Is it not odd that we seem oblivious to this destructive path. Our consumptive insanity is ubiquitous throughout all facets of reality. The land, water, air, plants, animals, even our brethren, all succumb to the destruction of Homo Sapiens. Ponder seriously some of the following queries.

    Does this Archonic reality represent the true nature of humanity, or, is there something more we can aspire to? Is there some great power we have yet to consider or develop?

    There seems no end to the stupidity of human expression. No foreseeable abatement to the destruction of our world. Moreover, no semblance to our obviously true GodSelf nature as conduits of unconditional love. Why is this the reality we choose?

    Contradictions in the human expression abound. Yet, we seem incapable of processing the real reality hidden beneath this contagious exterior. I ask you, is it not be reasonable to assume scientific knowledge alone should have directed us toward love and unity consciousness?

    Does it make sense that we all envision a more compassionate world. However, somehow, our collective choices continually take us in a completely different direction?

    Why do you think we all want love but find it almost impossible to grasp?

    There is an elephant in the room, ironically, no one seems capable of acknowledging its presence. Imagine, your neighbour is a murdering fool who destroys everything he touches. This neighbour visits your home, steals the silverware, rapes your daughter, stabs your wife, then walks out the door after lighting the curtains on fire. Responding to the mayhem, do you invite him over for dinner the very next week, or, do you immediately put a stop to the chaos, correct the damage, then take care of your family? I concede to you, this scenario seems ridiculous on a personal scale. Yet, globally, you must realise, week after week, we are choosing to have the neighbour over for dinner?

    Matus urges us to remember Ego is not just the little voice in our head, it represents much more than a few untoward thoughts.

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