Ego The Beast Within Our Minds Part 4

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    Possibly, the greatest ally in my struggles against Ego, is the knowledge that there does exist another GodSelf reality.

    Moreover, that I can choose to dwell in whichever house I desire. I have known what life is like when I allow EgoSelf to run amok, unabated. It is not a pretty sight. Conversely, I know how life can be expressed when seen through the eyes of my GodSelf. The brilliant, unabated, bliss of the GodSelf is truly inexpressible. If nothing else has been gained, these gifts of experiencing the two contrasting realities has taught me that I can exercise choice.

    Prior to knowing Ego, I was a victim to its contrivances. I was lost, blind, hopelessly defeated by its presence. Identifying the beast represents a single aspect of fighting the battle. One needs the knowledge of the GodSelf to understand the contrast. For, without that knowledge, one cannot entertain the alternative. We have been mentally programmed by society to believe in lies. Our societal masters know this truth will emancipate the human race, it will free us from the bonds of ritualistic debt slavery. The powers that be, have deliberately constructed a world of fear, competition, consumerism and ignorance. They are counting on distractions, lethargy and ignorance to keep us in check. They think we will fold under the weight of oppression. This is not our destiny. We are more, we are GodSelf beings. Knowledge has shed light on my true beingness, it has afforded me the most valuable of all gifts, the gift of choice.

    Grace, serenity and courage are also tools which cannot be under emphasized.

    Grace is needed to allow me to accept that, although I have been duped by corporate masters who have conspired to enslave humanity, I cannot debase myself with thoughts of anger, retribution or hate. I have also needed a heaping helping of grace to accept my faults. Without grace, I would never be able to come to terms with the obvious reality that Ego, is still the prime driver of my present day expression of reality.

    I am no don Juan Matus, never will be. However, this is not important. What matters is that I try my best each day, then, accept the results, love and cherish the Self. My goal is to live the life of an impeccable man! This is my destiny as I have chosen to be a spiritual warrior. I have discovered the battle will never end. My EgoSelf is a great part of who I am today. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume, EgoSelf will be a lifelong partner. Ego is nothing to be ashamed of. Ego is my teacher, it constantly demands I better myself. By presenting maya, ego asks me to reach for greater realms of reality, pursue, without pause, a path toward unconditional love.

    Serenity, like all aspects of emotion, is a choice. Ego will always create strife, it is up to me, and my ObserverSelf, to always seek balance, to observe, then choose my true nature. Serenity will enable my ability to embrace all actions which promote love. There must be a place of peace within the self. I have found the thoughts of a running river most quickly allow me balance. For you, there may be another source of serenity. Whatever, or wherever, it is, as spiritual warriors, we need respite from chaos.

    Courage is another tool in the box of sanity. Not just ordinary courage. I have found the courage of a lion is essential for any chance at embracing unconditional love. EgoSelf heaps fear into my psyche daily, hourly, hell every minute is not an exaggeration. It takes an inordinate amount of courage to continue to love myself, my friends, acquaintances and especially my enemies. EgoSelf sets me up for failure on a daily basis. I fall, get up, then dust myself off, Over and over, I reach for a well of courage that insists I stand again to rebuff its accusations. EgoSelf will never stop visiting my home, I must have the courage to steadfastly resist its directives.

    [paste:font size="3"]The House You Build:

    There are two homes that I can create for myself and family. The EgoSelf wishes for me to live in a house built of fear. Society, believe it or not, also wants me to live in this same seedy domain.

    Point of fact, I do live in a hovel. My home is littered with the decaying matter of slayed beasts. I struggle to beat down all comers, to conquer my fear. All in favour of embracing, love, unconditionally.

    Does this make me less of a beautiful person?

    Does this mean that my true GodSelf reality is unattainable?

    The answer to these questions depends on which me you ask. My EgoSelf would complacently suggest.

    Don't worry amigo, all is in hand, you will never dwell in peaceful love, it's just not meant to be.

    My GodSelf knows only unconditional love; therefore it would state the obvious.

    Damn idiot all is love, stop searching, stop judging, just BE what you are, be love.

    My ObserverSelf would flatly state.

    Dude, I am overworked and underpaid here. Go ask your GodSelf, he has nothing better to do than slap some sense into your silly head.

    This I have learned. Every moment of the day, thoughts run through my mind. Each thought will be infused with emotions and feelings which will directly impact my experience of reality. Each thought might be best described as a physical brick in the construct of my world. My Observer is needed to filter my thoughts so that I can be aware of what is running through the mill.

    Each thought based in fear will certainly make grander the mansion EgoSelf has created.

    Each thought based in unconditional love will allow me to construct a house build on the tenets of GodSelf love.

    Ask anyone what house they wish to live in! To a person, they will choose love. You know what we all want. Now, look around. How many homes of love do you see?

    The house of love will never be a mansion, unless, I deliberately choose to manufacture bricks of love. My most popular choice, if I am honest, is to accept that I presently construct bricks of fear. Without first admitting the error of my ways, I will never seed the path of change in my crazy world. I accept my faults, I love myself, then rededicate all efforts to the task at hand. One brick at a time, I choose to build love. Every single step toward unconditional love, is a giant leap for mankind. It matters not how many steps I take in my life. What is important, is that I choose a direction, then remain relentless in choosing love. This, my dear friends is what it means to be a man of honour, compassion, and love. The great don Juan Matus would then refer to me as, a man of impeccability.

    In Lak'ech, dearest brethren, prosper with knowledge... live with love...
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    Unfortunately my ego doesn't like being contained inside my brain and it often slips out of my mouth and boom here I am just another everyday asshole
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    Only 2 things worse than Ego and that is Vanity and Lust .
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    Sorry to break into the thread, do you have a Hemi??
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    Yes , a 71 Hemi Charger R/T
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    is that a 440 six pack?
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    No, that's a 426 with 2x4's
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