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Discussion in 'Tributes' started by CD-GingerTanja, May 3, 2019.

  1. CD-GingerTanja

    CD-GingerTanja New Member

    Heey :)

    guess its my first time asking for those, but here you go! would love to see u guys tribute me. pls try to be creative somehow ;)

  2. Jp19926969

    Jp19926969 Member

    Wow you are absolutley beautiful i would.worshipp you
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  3. Stuart48

    Stuart48 Active Member

    Wow very sexy looking would love to make you smile with happiness mm
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  4. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    Such a pretty face! How enjoyable it would be to stare into your eyes as I soil you with my cum...

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  5. CD-GingerTanja

    CD-GingerTanja New Member

    thanks guys :* you are really cute
  6. CD-GingerTanja

    CD-GingerTanja New Member

    wow thanks ;) looks great! You can cover my face anytime haha
  7. LovelyAussie

    LovelyAussie New Member

    damn looking fine!
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  8. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    I'm glad you enjoy seeing my cum on your face...Looks like I got your tribute cherry! LOL!

    I have discovered doing tributes is a huge turn-on for me and would be happy to give you more. I'd love to hear all about how it makes you feel seeing them... I hope you will consider posting more pics soon!
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  9. Micheal22

    Micheal22 New Member

    I have such a thing for red heads you so incredible gorgeous you look like a fucking goddess pleasing you would be the greatest gift of a life time
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  10. CD-GingerTanja

    CD-GingerTanja New Member

    Thanks to all of you!
    Especially ReformedGoodboy for making a real tribute :3
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  11. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    I wish!

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  12. Candt

    Candt New Member

    Hi bbe
  13. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    I am still struck by how lovely and sexy you are...I need more tribute material! LOL!
  14. Isaac517

    Isaac517 New Member

    Cute, dw ill cum for you

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