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    Karen and I love to go sit by the river I would fish while Karen sat and watched the boats go by.
    Usually I would fish for things like carp or catfish using dough for bait.
    It is a slow way to fish with lots of time between bites.
    The areas we fished had very little foot traffic and I would sit with Karen between fish.

    One day back in the early 2000 we were fishing along the Hudson River and the fishing was slow.
    I spent most of my time rubbing and kissing Karen’s breast.
    After a few hours I started to put my hands up Karen’s skirt and rub her clit slowly.
    After just a few minutes she started to move letting me know that I was getting to her.

    Karen let-out a loud moan as she climaxed, squirting a large amount of her juices over my hand and up my arm.
    Karen then noticed that not only did it get to her but it also had me hard and throbbing.
    She unzipped my pants and started to give me a hand job, slowly working her hand and sometimes her mouth it was not long before I shot my load some of it hitting the hem of her skirt.
    Karen got up and went to the edge of the water to rinse her skirt being we were going shopping when we got done.
    When she was at the water’s edge I said that catching a fish would really make this a great day.
    Karen stood up and lifted her blouse calling “here fishy, fishy” at that time one of the rods bent over with a large fish on the line
    I landed the fish and said that her fish call worked for fish as well as me.

    We went back to the blanket and waited for the next fish to bite.
    I did not have to wait long before I could see one of my fishing lines starting to move slightly.
    The way the line was moving told me that a large carp was mouthing the bait.

    I turned to Karen and said try the fish call again.
    Karen stood up and pulled her blouse over her head and started to give her fish call, the fishing rod bent over.

    I hollered fish on and she just started to laugh saying they all must be male fish today.
    As I landed the fish a guy that had been fishing around the bend walks up and ask what we were using for bait.
    He had been fishing for a few hours and did not even get a bite.
    We talked about different types of bait and equipment that I have used over the years.

    Karen then asked if he would like to join us being there was a lot of room.
    the guy looked at her and said you going to use your fish call again.

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