HELP I can't fight the urge anymore! Ready to have my first sexual experience with another woman!!

Discussion in 'Lesbian Chat' started by Meeshell, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Meeshell

    Meeshell New Member

    I have wanted to know how it felt to be with a woman sexually for years...I have had to fight the urges and desires my body feels for women long enough and now after divorcing my of husband of ten years I'm newly single and ready to find a woman who is willing to help me explore some of my deepest sexual desires...But where do I start? How do I go about finding a woman who is willing to give me my first lesbian experience?
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  2. Klitrubbish69

    Klitrubbish69 Member

    Fuck yes its becoming to much i want the same
  3. sofiangelxxx

    sofiangelxxx New Member

    hi guys :))
    my names sofia im 22 lesbian from london uk, msg me onsnappp sxzuhra or my number 07388 532016 for lesbian girls only hookup xx

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  4. SnowLove

    SnowLove New Member

    Sorry to hear you never got to experience the love of another woman let me show you hwat its all about
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  5. DragonLy

    DragonLy Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Hope you find the one who gives you such you desire.
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  6. Hotsing

    Hotsing New Member

  7. tiffayl

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  8. tiffayl

    tiffayl New Member

    I feel the same way!!
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  9. Leanne83

    Leanne83 New Member

    I feel the same have for ages. All I think about is being with a woman but find it so hard to meet a woman
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  10. cookie537917

    cookie537917 New Member OFC Regular

    I m in the same situation x x message me
  11. cookie537917

    cookie537917 New Member OFC Regular

    I ve never been with a woman, I would love to make love to a female that I found attractive xxx

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