"Help Me Help You!" Ladies! Remember that movie?

Discussion in 'Adult Chat' started by midlife, Feb 16, 2021.

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    Maybe I have been posting under the wrong heading. Jerry Maguire, 1996. Let me help you. I'll do all the work. I work slow. I will articulate ever thought and move to your precise I would like for a woman to let me help her. Tell me were to put my hands and fingers. I have a tongue and decent as well. I have blue eyes that beg you to cum.

    Who am I? I'm a fifty two year old man that hasn't been with anyone else in over twenty seven years. I'm sick of porn and find the idea of this incredibly euphoric but I still haven't even got to first base. I sit nude behind my keyboard with one hand on my manhood and the other controlling the mouse to navigate this site. I yearn for a connection. I'm so horny my middle finger is throbbing so imagine what else is.

    I thought we were all looking for the same thrill. Just let me know what I need to do.
  2. midlife

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    hi, just checking for a pulse, is this site even alive?

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