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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Missy1987, May 9, 2019.

  1. Missy1987

    Missy1987 New Member

    Hey I'm new here, I'm bi and horny and interested in chatting to people!
  2. Scooby469

    Scooby469 New Member

    Lets chat!
  3. Missy1987

    Missy1987 New Member

    i just tried replying to your message but i cant?
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  4. Trey1luckyguy

    Trey1luckyguy New Member

    Hey I'm new too are you chatting g
  5. gdsm

    gdsm New Member

    Hey how are you doing?
  6. gdsm

    gdsm New Member

    whats up?
  7. Missy1987

    Missy1987 New Member

    I'm gd thnx, u?
  8. Matty_00

    Matty_00 Active Member

    Hi how are you
  9. gdsm

    gdsm New Member

    I'm great thanks. What's going on?
  10. karlx

    karlx Member

    Hi missy, hope your good
  11. Saenz777

    Saenz777 New Member

    Lest chat right now
  12. Saenz777

    Saenz777 New Member

    Well lest talk in private
  13. refLeg

    refLeg New Member

    I'm new, horney and willing to chat about anything
  14. refLeg

    refLeg New Member

    Love to chat!
    I don't know why
  15. refLeg

    refLeg New Member

    you wanna chat?
    Let's hook up
  16. Longdix150

    Longdix150 New Member

    Do you have a kik or skype sexy
  17. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    I wanna see ur pussy
  18. Tyler

    Tyler Member

    Hey, how are you and would you like to chat?
  19. I'm just horny. Wanna chat?
  20. Steve35

    Steve35 New Member

    How do I get most of that ;)

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