I am always wet,What will you do?

Discussion in 'Local Arrangements: Hooking Up or Hanging Out' started by Alexandra69, May 31, 2019.

  1. Alexandra69

    Alexandra69 New Member

    Would like that tight arse to be scratched at that loonely night :) Loved to be fcked anal :p Snap : alexababytv

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  2. Thomad

    Thomad Member

    I’ve never tried anal, but u couldn’t resist with that tight ass u have. I’m from Dallas but willing to drive to meet up w u
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  3. Seanthebomb

    Seanthebomb New Member

    Anal could be fun as long as I cum deep in your pussy at the end of our fuck ;)
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  4. waleed2094

    waleed2094 New Member

    Lets try anal babe warning you it will hurt you
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  5. Alexandra69

    Alexandra69 New Member

    Awww for real? How long is it? :p
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  6. RockHardCock19

    RockHardCock19 New Member

    After licking and sucking that beautiful pussy while teasing your ass with my fingers, i'd stand up behind you and grab your hips and pull you in towards me so you could feel me from behind ;)

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  7. Kevlgx

    Kevlgx New Member

    I'd start by eating your pussy and ass making as wet as the ocean , then I'd put my fingers in your ass while playing with your pussy at the same time. Then I'd shove my hard dick in you and fuck you for hours
  8. vickyrao

    vickyrao New Member

    can you help.me...,
  9. malikaddi

    malikaddi New Member

    I want to fuck you in your anal . My Dick is 12 inch long Screenshot_20190606-114252.png
  10. Funtymfranky69

    Funtymfranky69 Active Member

    Absolutely stunning sugar tits id love to eat your pussy and ass ALL DAY ALL NIGHT Long.. drop me a line gorgeous..x
  11. Xxxb1lld0xxX

    Xxxb1lld0xxX New Member

    I would eat your juicy box till your climbing the walls screaming in ecstacy, begging for me to be inside you
  12. Mottthewho

    Mottthewho New Member

    Rub that wet spot up my belly and chest...all the way up to my mouth!
  13. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Omg, would love to stretch your tight ass around my cock while im playing with those tits
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  14. Alexandra69

    Alexandra69 New Member

    I would love to feel it :0 xixixix
  15. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Only as long as i get to cum in your ass at the end :)
  16. ouss12

    ouss12 New Member

  17. karlx

    karlx New Member

    Wow I’m hungry
  18. vivek88

    vivek88 Member

    Ready for everything babe. I'm also from Texas, let's plan something naughty message me fast lol.
  19. Alexandra69

    Alexandra69 New Member

    Hit me up in PM :)
  20. vivek88

    vivek88 Member

    But i don't have Snapchat

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