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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by HashTagging, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Woman are fucking insane! When I say insane I mean totally fucking insane. I can't help but be intrigued if not impressed. If I told you I see them ... Umm most of them anyway, as gods would that be considered masturbating their ego? Ok, so maybe I do see them that way, then again maybe I don't, but I really am intrigued and to be perfectly honest ... Interested too.

    I'm 49, I think about woman a lot. Some inparticular seem to stick with me, and for that I'm grateful. I don't see them mind you, but they have a way of embedding themselves into my psyche, deep deep inside the grey matter where it's impossible to lose them. I wouldn't want to anyway.

    Anyway, this is my new blog ... I guess. Feel free to leave a comment or post a pic or tell me a story. I may enjoy reading you. I'll tell a few myself, but I may keep my pics private. I like it better when I can effectively remain incognito , but hey ... Nothing in life is guaranteed, except for maybe life and all a person's personal life entails, but nothing's guaranteed ...

    Yeah ..

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    So yeah,. woman are fucking insane, but that's not a bad thing. I've been reading and viewing and I'm not sure what to do next. I'm not really looking to hook up or anything, but then I'm not opposed to it either. It's weird ... Have you ever worked for something all your life, find it, then lose it? That's my life. I would say in a nut shell but won't.

    I take pictures. I enjoy it. It's a passion. I write. I enjoy it. It's a passion. I draw and paint. I enjoy it. It's a passion. So are woman. If I said I could live with a woman, I'd be lying. If I said I could live without a woman, I'd be lying, so that leaves me where I am today. I feel like I'm at the lost and found. It may or may not be where I want to be but I'm here just the same.

    Let's say I wanted to play journalist ... A free lance journalist following some really cool and sexy musician's. On scene just your everyday photos and stories. Behind scenes, something a little more umm ... Daring. I write books too.

    I love the thought of a good treasure map and a treasure waiting for the lucky winner who finds it.
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    I'm a traveler .... Some would call me a wayfaring stranger, who travels across great divides. I'm a time traveler, I've been to and in in many worlds and universes, each one different from the next, yet all having similar characteristics and qualities. Some have more difficult terrain than others, and all have elements that demand respect.

    As for me, I'm just a traveler, who travels with no particular place in mind. I have a vision in mind, something I need to create, but whether I'll ever be able to remains unknown. Honestly, I love beauty ... I'm an artist and I find much beauty in life. Sometimes the greater beauty is in what some deem to be less beautiful. Crazy life to be certain, and even more so is the life I'll be leaving behind.

    I still haven't found what I'm looking for. As empty as this room is, it's still far too crowded for me.
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    Some turn on the impress vibe or at least try to. Others are as blunt and matter of fact as they can be. I guess being new and unsure what to do here at this lost and found, I decided to do what I always do, and write what's in my mind . Grey matter and connections and a vast system able to send and receive and feel, yet when attempting to reject something, I can't seem to prevent the violation. The great flow of energy then turns into a nightmarish imposition on my soul, with scratches on my skin being the intruder won't let go .

    So, I stay alone in attempt to keep others free of this nightmare. I endure what I must. There are times when the flow of energy is so great It literally moves me from the inside out and outside in and it's feels a lot like a pleasure paradise ... Until the intruder decides to jam the pleasure paradise flow and replace it with scratches on my soul and nightmarish sequences that lead nowhere but on the opposite end of the once great pleasure paradise.

    They don't agree with great feelings so they prevent and replace with something more sinister in nature and I alone in empty room endure it.
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    I slept in a chapel for a few weeks one year. Im pretty sure god decided to have sex with me. I'm laying there resting my head and started to feel an intense pleasure umm ... Where it counts, so I just laid there and allowed myself to feel her cover me. It felt better than busting a nut myself, and it wasn't too long after she started sliding herself over me that I felt her warm juices run down my thighs. All this happened with my clothes on in a chapel where I lived for a few weeks. God is most assuredly a woman and most of them are more beautiful and sensual and sexual than I think many are aware of. She loves me like that ... The ones who do love me like that I mean, and that's where my pleasure paradise resides at the moment ... Alone, god and myself with enough desire and passion to light up a sun ... At least until the intruder comes and desides to steal and kill and destroy that pleasure paradise, and replace it with scratches on my soul and a sinister nightmarish reality. How many woman make up God as gods? As many who choose to be one.
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    If you've ever been so close to an orgasm you could already feel the warm wet dripping down the bridge between ports, and have your spouse walk in unexpectedly, you'll understand how pleasure paradise can turn into a nightmare before the levy gives way. If I told you that's my life in a paragraph would you believe me?

    The thing is, I'm not the cheating kind. I just love a damn good woman who knows her needs as well as mine.
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    How much sex is too much when we can't seem to get enough? Am I an addict? I question myself more and more as each day passes. I wake up soaked, I go to bed soaked, I stay so wet throughout the I can hardly bear to leave my home. One toy this time or two? Maybe three will be enough and my fingers ... Where will they lead me this time? Am I an addict? I don't care anymore ... I know what I need. I know what I need. I know what I need!!!! Do you hear me? I know what I need.

    Can I have someone to play with now?
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    I said I need someone to play with. Not just anyone, but someone I'm able to vibe with, who understands my needs and won't quit until I do. Kiss me like you did in highschool, right there between my legs, don't quit, don't you quit, don't quit ... Don't quit don't quit...........,......


    ................... D o n t ........ Q u I t .... Don't ever stop kissing me ....
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    I never knew her that way. God knows I think about her. They way she kissed me so sensual passionate tugging on my lips at times and her tongue inside twisted up with my own. We literally kissed for hours. I couldn't get enough of her. I could hardly keep my hands off of her. She was my first true love. Im unable to see her, I'm unable to kiss her, I'm unable to taste her, I'm unable to hold her, and all I can think about is how much I want to. She could never be replaced and I still need to press her lips to my own like we did in highschool, but I know that would not do.

    If I could meet someone I could vibe with, I wonder if she'd mind if i pretended to kiss her like we did in highschool, only between her legs ? I never knew her that way.
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    From a man who has a woman who understands herself as well as myself, I write this blog. One person who feels her presence enough to allow her to speak through me, almost as if we're singing the same song.

    I want to spread her legs wide, unwrap a jolly rancher, slip it inside her, and kiss her like I kissed my truest love ... For hours
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    It's golden ... Her fiddle I mean. I don't know any other way to put it. From her golden toned fleece to her fiddle, and even the bridge between ports , I've never known anything so lovely in all my life. I love her music. I love her way. I can't resist her and don't want to . With jolly rancher sweet on my tongue we kiss until the sweet is gone, until only her is left to taste on my tongue ... She becomes my soul obsession, under her as she moves her hips, pressing down tightly against my lips. Don't quit, don't quit, don't you ever quit ...
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    I can feel my wet dripping down my thighs. I want him in me. He's willing. I know he wants me.

    I can feel.her, hear her, I can smell her scent. She fills the air, sweeter than honey suckle. I've never felt anyone as amazing as her. Slow, deep, gentle,.wet back and forth rocking her waist slowly ... Up to the top between her ports backside her pussy oozing honey between her fingers like a web. She lets me taste her once more, rubbing my lip and the tip of my tongue as she moves up and down in and over don't quit ...

    I need to taste myself on him I can't get enough.
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    Tonight may be my last where I am, after which I'm homeless again. It'll be nearly a month before I'm able to enjoy her company like this, the way I like most, the way I want to most, the way I need her to feel, the way I need to feel makes me crave her like nothing else.
    Time apart can be nothing but good. I could get so lost it would be difficult to escape her embrace. Face to face I need more than she may know.

    Until then, I'll stay alone, until then, I'll keep her close, until then, I'll keep moving forward and until I can enjoy another night or three as we have above, I'll live without seeing her face to face. That's how I need her. Face to face.

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