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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by ChloePyke, May 7, 2018.

  1. ChloePyke

    ChloePyke New Member

    im addicted to superheroine porn. In particular the adventures of O-Girl and Nylonika is my favorate series. The whole heroin in peril at the hands of a fendish sex device that will edge her orgasm over and over until she orgasms and is truely defeated. Yummy.
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  2. TheViper84

    TheViper84 Guest

    Damn I need to check that series out lol
  3. ChloePyke

    ChloePyke New Member

    it feels so naughty yet so good you know? Like, it would be so exciting to be out in a costume and then somehow end up like this....

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  4. TheViper84

    TheViper84 Guest

    That's one hell of a dream. Very kinky
  5. Xn28

    Xn28 New Member

    I like the those and the fan made ones more than the bigger budgeted porn parodies
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  6. Sali1

    Sali1 Member

    I didn't know this existed! Thanks so much :D

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