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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Cntrygrl, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Cntrygrl

    Cntrygrl Well-Known Member

    I live with my heart on my sleeve. I give it my all. I am too forgiving and say "sorry" way too much. I give up my happiness to see someone else smile. That being said, I am learning that there are limits. I can be loving and supportive but I don't have to be afraid to call someone on their shit. I am worth it.
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  2. Angelxox

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    Sounds like the abridged version of my intro lol

    It’s nice to meet you!

    We, the people who wear are heart on ourselves and apologize too much for the liking of others are the most caring and loving people. Maybe a little sensitive, maybe people try to take advantage of us. But we are good people and what I’ve learned is anyone would be darn lucky to have us, the people who wear our hearts on our selves, as friends.

    I’m glad you’ve figured out the limits as I have. Dont let anyone bring you down. Call people out for their BS. Be you, be proud, leave you heart where it is.

    Nice to see more nice people on here!
  3. Richard789

    Richard789 Member

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I sometimes do the same, and forget to take care of me. But I have learned that I am the most important person to myself and need to take care of me more then I do.

    Don't take shit from anyone. They have their own problems and if you can help them great. If not, walk away and enjoy your day! x
  4. badbadman

    badbadman Member

    Well , here we are coming out of the closet and I can only say good for us. I will be in debt for a while. Because, I tried to be a cheerleader for a young woman who was struggling. I never asked for anything and I got nothing in return. I have never slept with her or anything. I always hoped she would see that we were good together. I let her do things her way and I supported her even though I don't believe in supporting someone. I finally told her how I felt. And turned and walked away. Over the years I came up with this speech called " your not my girlfriend " Too long to type right now. But it does exist. So here's to you, to me , to everyone who reads this. Call it, how you see it. No matter how big or how small. Bullshit is bullshit and we'll call them on it every time. Much love for ya Doug
  5. Louise_angel

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    Contrary to popular belief, wearing your heart on your sleeve is actually a good thing. It means you let yourself fall in love. You don't play mind games. A rare quality to be gifted with! You never give up hope. When you love, you really love. Having said that, I would like to add: don't let anyone b.s. you. Not one drop of your self-worth depends on his acceptance of you. Or of others. Lots of love Cntrygrl x
  6. WildMan

    WildMan Guest

    You are worth it and if you ever wanna talk about how you feel anytime I am here. :)
  7. Cntrygrl

    Cntrygrl Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
  8. WildMan

    WildMan Guest

    No problem ;3

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