I need cum

Discussion in 'Tributes' started by UwULexi, Mar 14, 2019 at 3:20 AM.

  1. UwULexi

    UwULexi New Member

    If someone unload alot of cum on me I will give u some just for u

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  2. Richieboi33

    Richieboi33 New Member

    Mmm if I was there baby I'd cover u from head to toe in hot sticky cum u naughty little girl xx
  3. UwULexi

    UwULexi New Member

    Can u show me how much?
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  4. UwULexi

    UwULexi New Member

  5. Gorgeous nipples! I really enjoyed painting your body with my cum. I honestly get off on doing tributes and I hope you touch yourself looking at my naked cock, spent after jacking off all over you!

    IMG_6915[1] copy.JPG IMG_6916[1].jpg
  6. UwULexi

    UwULexi New Member

    Mmmm thx daddy I can feel the cum dripping down my body rn if u want more make a private thread
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  7. UwULexi

    UwULexi New Member

    Anyone else
  8. Yes, Daddy wants more...how do I make a private thread? When I click on your profile, I get an error : "This member limits who may view their full profile." So I can't PM you. So knock, knock...let daddy in...and he isn't knocking with his hand...LOL!
  9. Papat0

    Papat0 New Member

    Hey, I would be intrested, DM me sometime plz sexy, all ill show u what I can do

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