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Discussion in 'Tributes' started by Mona26, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    ...can somebody please do a cum-/ and cocktribute for me?
    It is a long time ago that i got some of them....but i like it so much to see my pics covered in cum...

    01 Mona aktuell.jpg IMG_20181231_172209.jpg
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  2. DavidRoy

    DavidRoy Guest

    I would love to tribute you ;)
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  3. Makeyougush686

    Makeyougush686 New Member

    I'm down
  4. cmac69247365

    cmac69247365 Member

    You will def get one from me. Will post some pics of u wear nothing at all
  5. Punkgeezer

    Punkgeezer Guest

    Love to see cum on your face darling, im a fan sexy!
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  6. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Well, i would love to see that too.....but it looks like that nobody wants to do some cumtributes on my pics...
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  7. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    I love giving cum tributes! I enjoyed 'painting' your pretty face with my cum... IMG_6702[1].jpg
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  8. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Thank you, it looks pretty good ;)
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  9. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Well, it makes me sad that you guys just talk or like the threat and dont do tributes....

    Maybe this two pics are better for that... Mona 2.jpeg Mona 20180404_131931.jpg
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  10. Lover6969

    Lover6969 Member

    Boobs and pussy please.
  11. cmac69247365

    cmac69247365 Member

    I wanna. Cum on ur face in person. But if you'll take those clothes offpl I promise I will
  12. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    I wont post photos of me without clothes....im not gonna do that
  13. CumOnGrlsFaces

    CumOnGrlsFaces New Member

    Hi Mona26, love your pics...my cock couldn't wait to slap itself up against your pretty face. Loved your uniform and glasses pic...would've loved an upskirt panty flash/tease pic of you in that outfit mmmm

    Attached Files:

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  14. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Thank you for that...i like the pics you make.
    Finally someone who like my pics....
  15. CumOnGrlsFaces

    CumOnGrlsFaces New Member

    Would you like to play some more? I could cock pics of you all day...what else do you have for me?
  16. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Well...im more interested in cumtributes then cocktributes
  17. CumOnGrlsFaces

    CumOnGrlsFaces New Member

    i do both i just like to woirk myself up a little bit first before deciding on the pic I'll cum on
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  18. Lightsy

    Lightsy Member

    As promised earlier, here a cum tribute ^^

    Attached Files:

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  19. Mona26

    Mona26 Member

    Wow i like it...thank you
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  20. Hazel8419

    Hazel8419 Guest

    You gonna play with that wet pussy for me

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