im a little shy but...

Discussion in 'Share Your Pictures' started by nymphnatasha, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    825E838C-B84A-4B4C-A547-22FF759D26F3.jpeg hi everyone, im natasha. i just turned 18 and have never been more excited to be able to show my body
    but i am very nervous and shy ...i just made my account. any nice feedback on this pic would make my day :) thank you <3
    let me know what u think! i know i am not perfect at all..
  2. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you :) russia!
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  3. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    Sexy pic hot body
  4. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you baby <3
  5. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    Ur welcome
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  6. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    What u into
  7. Bill1964

    Bill1964 New Member

    I am Russian but not from Russia
  8. Brendan09

    Brendan09 Guest

    Amazing body, you got kik?
  9. sweetguy89

    sweetguy89 Active Member

    lovely body and welcome
  10. Cummer

    Cummer Member

    You're such a turn on x
  11. Thomad

    Thomad Member

    You have a very cute body hope u enjoy ur day
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  12. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    you are very very pretty, hope you have fun here
  13. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thanks so much :)
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  14. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you :)
    thank you :)
  15. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    you are very welcome
  16. Mark38

    Mark38 New Member

    I think you look hot
  17. Bas

    Bas New Member

    Hello sexy lady !! Your body looks awesome and l love the bush !! There is nothing more beautiful and sexually stimulating. Than the view of a natural lady with a bush ,
    Love it Don't. Change it . totally arousing
  18. Desperate

    Desperate New Member

    You're hot! Smile girl, your body is beautiful, be proud and embrace it! : )
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  19. Stuart48

    Stuart48 Active Member

    Don't be shy about being naked, especially if you are very sexy looking mm
  20. Mafia

    Mafia New Member

    Why you looking so sad dear nude girl

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