im a little shy but...

Discussion in 'Share Your Pictures' started by nymphnatasha, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    825E838C-B84A-4B4C-A547-22FF759D26F3.jpeg hi everyone, im natasha. i just turned 18 and have never been more excited to be able to show my body
    but i am very nervous and shy ...i just made my account. any nice feedback on this pic would make my day :) thank you <3
    let me know what u think! i know i am not perfect at all..
  2. nick30

    nick30 New Member

    Nice girl!
    Where are u from?
  3. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you :) russia!
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  4. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    Sexy pic hot body
  5. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you baby <3
  6. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    Ur welcome
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  7. Masterk

    Masterk Member

    What u into
  8. Bill1964

    Bill1964 New Member

    I am Russian but not from Russia
  9. Brendan09

    Brendan09 Guest

    Amazing body, you got kik?
  10. sweetguy89

    sweetguy89 Active Member

    lovely body and welcome
  11. Cummer

    Cummer Member

    You're such a turn on x
  12. Thomad

    Thomad Member

    You have a very cute body hope u enjoy ur day
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  13. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    you are very very pretty, hope you have fun here
  14. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thanks so much :)
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  15. nymphnatasha

    nymphnatasha New Member

    thank you :)
    thank you :)
  16. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    you are very welcome
  17. Mark38

    Mark38 New Member

    I think you look hot
  18. Bas

    Bas New Member

    Hello sexy lady !! Your body looks awesome and l love the bush !! There is nothing more beautiful and sexually stimulating. Than the view of a natural lady with a bush ,
    Love it Don't. Change it . totally arousing
  19. Desperate

    Desperate New Member

    You're hot! Smile girl, your body is beautiful, be proud and embrace it! : )
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  20. Stuart48

    Stuart48 Active Member

    Don't be shy about being naked, especially if you are very sexy looking mm

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