Is Beauty Overrated?

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    • Is sex worse with an uglier person?
    • Does the quality of wisdom depend on who said it? Why not on who hears or reads it?
    • Should I worry about my dimensions, if I'm comfortable in my own skin?
    • Is it my fault, if I grew up not to fit into stereotypes?
    • Should I be ashamed of whatever cards I have, or what I inherited?
    • What is beauty?
      1. What if there's only one person of your sexual orientation in this world for all the people of your gender, and they don't fit the physical appearance stereotypes? Wouldn't they be much more desired by the population, despite their incompetency or unfitness as per present, prevalent standards?
      2. If we're fine looking at misshapen things anywhere else, then why not of a person's body or face? We can appreciate a rock, be fine with the mess we create in our room but would fret over a little skewed up physiognomy or any anomaly the person's born with, visible on the body or posture.
      3. Why can't we stick to our own preferences of beauty? Why are we just one better looking person away from abandoning our previously angelic subject of our affection? Why do we get disillusioned by things we once couldn't get our eyes off?
      4. Is truth the most beautiful thing? What about creative lies, or works of fiction?
      5. Is beauty being defined by the rich, who can take care of the expenses of maintaining those beauty standards? Is beauty an investment? Because people treat beauty like an asset. It lets them earn money and privilege and they use the money to fuel this asset with costly procedures, supplies and accessories, transcend natural beauty limitations and maintain their desirability. Why do these people have to better themselves up to stay the symbol of beauty, when they themselves have set the standards? Do their standards evolve too?
      6. If you look up the history of beauty and fashion in mankind, every single category of body types have been the most desirable in a certain period or phase of time, or a geographical location.
        1. Fat, paunchy businessmen were the ideal male standard in the late 19th century, 'cause fat represented affluence and happiness, skinny men who love Rock music in the 1970's 'cause being abstemious of food represented an uber cool rebellious kind, body-builders with buffed-up sinews the early 1990's and 2000's 'cause strength represents utility and muscles represent strength. Now, it's the leaner muscles, shapely and in some cases, exaggerated physique that's the standard.
        2. Fat women are the desired female body type in the middle-east and south-east Asia, because it shows there's enough resources in a woman's body to keep the child in womb healthy and stable, while a skin-and-bones body type is a hit among the Japanese
      7. It's a very strange cycle. We draw our ideal images in Comics, movies and TV and Anime. Then we're convinced of the new image and try to achieve them. We keep drawing our exaggerated versions, editing our images with filters and enhancers in our mobile applications. Then, when we see the stereotype rot into the mundane, we exaggerate over the previous image only to contort the beauty standard.
      8. Are those really your own beauty standards you're validating yourself with, when you look in the mirror or click a selfie?
      9. Everything is fucking relative! Put the same thing through different quanta of time and space, in different situations, and the tallest shall look the shortest, the most beautiful the ugliest and the thickest the thinnest. A 60 kg person would seem to lose 50 kg when he lands on moon. Then why are we fretting over and fuelling our constricted, narrow stereotypes? Why can't we see beauty and wisdom as separate things? Ugly or beautiful, they may or may not be wise. I think even wisdom is relative. Killing is justified and abhorred in different circumstances and contexts. Should we really become morally rigid and taut then?
      10. Is our happiness, satisfaction and contentedness with ourselves in the hands of other people and how they appear or behave? Would we keep waiting for the right person and their right moves to get our ecstasy rushing through our veins? on the other hand, is it necessary that we always have to do away with our expectations to learn to enjoy a lower state of pleasure? How do we come to rate things on the basis of pleasure they offer? Is something really lower or higher in terms of pleasure? Doesn't that depend on our competence and tolerance, and our ability to derive pleasure and happiness from it in certain ways?
      11. Are we naturally inclined to form norms and stereotypes or is it the gift we gave ourselves when we became civilized? Do we really seem programmed to follow norms, with every person thinking, interpreting and appreciating things differently? Being together helped us survive the course of time, but is that interpersonal influencing necessary in social context? We do we feel aloof, lonely and reclusive then? Why do those stereotypes get exaggerated beyond our convenience?
      12. If beauty standards goes against my profile or leave me in inconvenience, should I strive hard to fit those, leave them altogether or do nothing and be painfully aware of them?

      And more.... (because, 1000 word limitation)

      I don't wish for explanations to these phenomena or questions, for they won't bring any change in me. I know I'd end up contradicting myself. I know I'd still fall for a person I find hot, that I'll still touch up my appearance and think whether the others found it fine, that I'd feel sexually and/or emotionally deprived at the day's end. Maybe, I don't have the full share in running my life, and have to fight my body's senses and my mind's bias. I can't change my body and mind, maybe can only overrule them.

      Maybe, we let our complaints and questions take too much away from us.

      Or maybe, I just think too much.
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  1. Never Thought Job Interviews can make you this much existential :oops:
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  2. Misha000

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    Well it's a good job I'm not supposed to come up with any answers because Its a double edged sword for me.
    People tell me I'm beautiful, because i am a kind hearted person. But every time I look in the mirror I tell myself "I hate You". I think im ugly.. in every way.
    I don't understand it because people like me, a lot.
    Beauty is nature as far as I'm concerned, not someone's face or body.
    But lol, my opinion is skewed.
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  3. I kinda know this feeling, Misha.

    It's a bit strange, for me. Is anything at all required to remain happy?
    It's just a huge tangle of questions I feel too powerless to fight.
    I just feel this world and I can become our better versions, if we have literature and brainpower that can deal with such questions.
    I want to be in a world where everyone feels self-confident.
    I've gone through a self-esteem crisis, and if I assume everyone else has had, then there's definitely a need for curing people of this.
    I feel exhausted thinking about this.
    That' feeling of it.
    Can you still live your life with pride if you're the shortest, the ugliest, having the most undesirable body type, or suffering from a physical trauma such as physical damage by accident or an attack?
    I feel there's always a lack of mental self-help that leads people into depression and self-harm.
    However, I'd still keep myself employed in finding solutions.
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  4. Bigload

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    Sex is beautiful with anyone who wants you
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