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Discussion in 'Adult Chat' started by MiZ_UnderStood03, Aug 6, 2019.

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    I've always been the secret they keep from their wives and family. A man deserves to come to a woman who's not nagging and bitching all the time. rather make sure he's satisfied in all aspects of his life. he's already heard enough bitching at work, so shut up and shower him, feed him, please him and then send him home.
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    I wholeheartedly agree my Russian wife well, what can I say about her being Russian she seems to be a bit BOSSY likes to be in control with my LIFE and controls my British Pensions 2 of them every month into her bank account as I am not a RESIDENT OF RUSSIA [ BUMMER HUH ? ] still, I am and can be in control of my UK PENSIONS anytime and the tables will turn mark my words.

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    You are sexy!
  5. Hmu sexy
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    Love your way of thinking, been there, done that, always come back for more ...
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    Fuck me i wish my wife was like you your amazing. Can't even get a fucking shag or a blow job on Valentine's day.
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