Love to watch wife take a big one!

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Lv2getnxt2U, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Lv2getnxt2U

    Lv2getnxt2U New Member

    It's a huge turn-on when a man tells me he's going to f*** my wife! Good while since I've got a pleasure watching her take a big dick but I still fantasize about it frequently jack off thinking about her taking a hard one, especially a BBC!
  2. NymphAnisha

    NymphAnisha Member

    U r a noble man
  3. Lv2getnxt2U

    Lv2getnxt2U New Member

    Thank You sweet heart. I have been called a lot of things but few have called me Noble. Perhaps some time I will catch you on here and we can chat it up if you know what I mean. Tell keep those lips puckered and those pretty legs of yours wrapped tightly around whatever horse you happen to be riding! You know what the best part of a blow job is! Thirty minutes of silence! Be at peace little lady! SA_PROFILE_CACHE.jpg You will be on my mind today!
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  4. pleaser31

    pleaser31 Member

    Man, wish I could fuck your wife right now and give her several orgasms.
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  5. Lv2getnxt2U

    Lv2getnxt2U New Member

    20190104_094325.jpg she wants it hard and deep! What would you do with this ? IMG_20150323_082906_591.jpg 20190104_094325.jpg IMG_20150323_082906_591.jpg IMG_20150323_082906_591.jpg 20190104_094325.jpg
    That would be awesome watching you give her a good time IMG_20150323_082906_591.jpg 20190104_094325.jpg
  6. slickpost

    slickpost New Member

    Mmm I'd line up for her
  7. Neo7771

    Neo7771 Well-Known Member

    Would love to slide my hard cock inside your wife while you cum watching us
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