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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Mailman69, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Mailman69

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    I have a question for you, if you take offense than please just don't answer. I mean no harm, but I am curious as to why married folks might be on this site. I've considered a few different options:

    1. You and your spouse are both members and spend time here as well as in life.
    2. You are unhappy in your relationship and are escaping here (if so, I might suggest counseling or some form of resolving the unhappiness, you did get married for a reason I would assume, can the spark be reignited?)
    3. You just hang out here, not so much for the sake of sexting or whatnot, just to spend time with the folks you know and like. If this is the case, does your spouse know what type of site this is? Do they care?

    Or whatever else the situation is. I'm curious because if I wasn't currently single, I wouldn't come on here very often or possibly at all. If I was married I cannot see me being on here again.

    So what is your story?
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  2. DrPervertos

    DrPervertos Guest also forgot the assholes (Men and women) who not only don't tell their spouses but even worse come to a place like this to lie to, say they are separated or single or whatever to pick up a temporary somebody on the side....maybe go for a "business trip" or other such bullshit....and then either it gets found out they were married the whole time or that they suddenly decided to go back to their spouse....these fucking assholes are not only hurting BOTH of the people they lie to...but even possibly themselves.

    What kind of poor excuse for a person is willing to emotionally and sometimes physically lie and potentially hurt the feelings of all involved......I mean, fuck....I understand getting horny or whatever....but you're fucking married assholes
  3. Mailman69

    Mailman69 Member

    Hey fella, you sound like you might have been hurt at some point. While I respect your opinion and to a certain extent agree, please don't turn this into a thread that ends up directly or indirectly attacking anyone, that is not my intent. If you would like to vent your concerns, please make your own thread. I hope things turn around for you.
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  4. Renee

    Renee Guest

    My story is that I've been married almost 27 years. He is my best friend and soulmate. We have a good sex life, but with differing sex drive. Because of some mental health issues of husband, he has talked about, separating, divorcing or opening our marriage. The last time he mentioned it, I came to this sight. All the men I speak with, wether married or single, know that I'm married. We talk about more than just sex, although that is really great. I've never lied or been misleading to anyone here. My husband knows that I'm making friends and has noticed a good change in my attitude and energy. So it's good for our marriage. Any other questions, I would happily answer.
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  5. Mailman69

    Mailman69 Member

    Thank you Renee, that is exactly the type of productive answer I was hoping to see. I'm pleased to hear that the site has been a benefit to you and your marriage. I wish you all the best!
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  6. AZMan60168

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  7. AZMan60168

    AZMan60168 New Member

    Very similar to Renee, I've been married several years. Most of it very happy. We've been in a sharing lifestyle for a few years, though she's had many more experiences than I because I'm busier. She's currently suffering from some mental health issues so martial relations are a little strained atm. She understands she cannot meet all my needs right now but would rather not set things up as before or even know about it. Any RL contact would be discussed with her well beforehand, but she doesn't care to know about online stuff. It's a different situation and hopefully won't last too long.
  8. Mailman69

    Mailman69 Member

    I hope it all works out the best for you and your wife!! My thoughts are with you!!
  9. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    Im sad to say, im here because i have an addiction.saying that, its an addition to being completely open and true to myself. I have friends who do not judge, I have an outlet for my kinks, and opinions. Im sad because it can't ever be out in the open.
    My husband is a solitary man, has no social skills, no passion or drive. He is the total opposite to me but I love him.
    The reason I love chat is because i need to interact with people. I have friends irl but they can never know the real me.
    I am depressed from an abusive childhood and marriage, and i feel worthless. This place helps build confidence.
    No, my husband doesn't know. He wouldn't understand my need for this kind of attention. Yes ive discussed our failings but he's not willing to change anything. Plus my kids need us.
    I understand that you are curious about why married ppl are here, and i hope this gives you some insight.
    M x
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  10. cattyStill

    cattyStill Member

    I've been married almost nine years we've been together for ten. We have four kids and he has a busy job and is gone alot. I have a high sex drive and he'd rather go to bars and play video games after work says that he can't be here and needs to cool down. This site is a great escape for me. I'm a mom 24/7 no breaks. And having someone to talk to is great. Most people don't understand why I've stayed with my husband but the truth is I love him he's just not satisfying certain needs(non sexual as well).
  11. Lickmejuicy

    Lickmejuicy Active Member

    I know exactly what u are going through!!!!! Message me let's talk
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  12. Silverhair

    Silverhair New Member

    Yes, I’ve been married 42 years and I am in the same situation you are it’s my wife who does not want anything as far as sex. I have a high sex drive myself and would like to find someone to chat with or even get together now and then. If you’d like to chat I sure would like to chat please get back with me.
  13. Here4chat

    Here4chat Member

    Sorry to hear about the abuse, x
  14. Silverhair

    Silverhair New Member

    Sorry to hear about your situation I’m at. Wish there was a way I could hold you in my arms and let you know that we are here for you.
  15. Ghostrider579

    Ghostrider579 New Member

    I think I am here for the ultimate dopamine rush. Nothing does it like anything sex related.
  16. PhuzE

    PhuzE Well-Known Member

    Married for almost seven years. Wife and me have different styles. Very much love each other but recognize our differences. We have agreed to not deny each other the pleasures we can't give each other. I say, what more can one do for love?

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