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Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by Sexxymilf09, May 3, 2019.

  1. Sexxymilf09

    Sexxymilf09 Active Member

    I myself do not feel comfortable being in the same room with other members as young as 19yrs asking me do I want to watch him masturbate. I feel thier should be some kind of restrictions for the younger members.
  2. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Sandrock's HoneyBee ❤️ Staff Member OFC Regular

    18 and above is legal age.

    I am uncomfortable with older people 40 and above telling me they want to fuck my young ass. Should we restrict those as well?

    You have the option to ignore or block those you don't want to chat with.
  3. cheekychap

    cheekychap Member OFC Regular

    er no...vix find out how long my ban is please will ya x
  4. Cumonyourass69

    Cumonyourass69 Member OFC Regular

    That is exactly right as long as they are over 18 years of age it shouldn’t matter and by the way and 35 and I would like to fuck your young tight little ass
  5. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Sandrock's HoneyBee ❤️ Staff Member OFC Regular

    Good to know!
  6. Shes_Here

    Shes_Here New Member

    I agree.

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