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  1. Thought I 'd share a story with you all about my brief stint in modelling. Mostly cause I know the boys will enjoy it but also because today is my 27th birthday and I kind of regret not having followed my modelling career further. SO that all being said. I grew up looking at a lot of magazines. And I guess it made me envy the girls featured because I really wanted to be like them. I wanted people to look at me and go WOW she is so pretty and perfect! SO straight out of highschool I got a job in fast food. YAY! haha not. After about a year of not knowing what the hell I was doing with my life I randomly got asked by a local photographer if I would like to model for him. It was weird it just walked up to me on the street and asked. At first i thought it was weird and creepy. Like something out of a porno, but it was a real job. I started modelling for him for some pictures. After a few months I had some contacts in the industry and was doing some local fashion shows. It was a cut throat business to be honest. I was just kind of a prop and was not treated very well by those I worked with but it was also my dream. I gave it a few more months but then stopped.

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