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  1. We really need a moderator that's around during European day times. The pedos know there's no mods on during these times so they use these times to run rampant in the chat.
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  2. TheKink

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    I agree, its not really fun to chat if the next line is a random guest asking if anyone has vids or pics of kids being sodomized. Also what good does reporting do if the guest leaves before a mod pitches?

    All that happens is that the mood of the room is totally fucked over
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  3. DemiGlass

    DemiGlass New Member

    seconded, here.
    everything that the ToU outlines as bannable is brought up at least once during the downtime with no moderation/administration. underagers, pedophiles, pedobaits, child porn and incest requests run more rampant without an overlooking moderator to stop them. once they start up, they seem to stick around until a mod or admin log in, and then they vanish, only to return the following downtime under the same or different handle.
    we need (a) moderator(s) outside of the US time zones, so that all bases can be covered, and that OFC can stay welcoming and friendly, without the overshadow of the possibility of shutdown.
  4. Kate_Kaplan

    Kate_Kaplan Active Member

    I agree. theres a lot of violation against the tou and those guests know fairly well when theres no mod around due the different timezones so they can show up during this timeframe and dont have to be afraid to be caught, the users of ofc are powerless during this time, the only thing left is to block those people - just for them to show up under a different name, so thats not really a solution in this matter in my opinion. also, theyre kinda able to find mind-like people and i dont believe that this is something good either. i think itd be benefiting to have at least one mod around during the european time

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